It seems that everybody is playing the United States these days.

They are actually playing the clueless Biden administration – but, sadly, that goes for the American people as well, by extension.

Russia is playing Biden-led American on cybercrime, energy, European security.

Central America and Mexico are playing us on illegal immigration.

The Taliban and al-Qaeda have played our delusional Democrat administration in Afghanistan.

And since Trump isn’t in the White House anymore, China has once again been playing the US in so many ways.

That’s not even mentioning that somebody – maybe again the Russians – have been playing the US by using some kind of a secret weapon against American diplomats around the world causing the so-called “Havana Syndrome”, with the US government still having no idea who and how exactly causes it.

How the Chinese outplayed Kamala

Now it was Kamala Harris’ turn to be played directly by the Chinese and to have the United States humiliated alongside herself.

Who else would make a better victim for a ploy by the Chinese government than Biden’s chuckle-emitting counter-rational veep while going on a needless, questionable foreign tour at the time of one of America’s greatest foreign policy crisis and diplomatic humiliations ever?

As Harris was about to fly off from Singapore to Vietnam this week to support the latter – a former US adversary now turned unofficial enemy against China, the takeoff got delayed for three hours.

The reason for that was an investigation at the US Embassy in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi into two alleged cases of US diplomats with Havana Syndrome symptoms, with the attack with the unknown secret foreign weapon occurring right ahead of Harris’ arrival.

Now, it is important to emphasize that one of the things that Kamala Harris was going to Vietnam for was to present the Southeast Asian nation with a donation of 1 million doses from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on behalf of the US government.

The gesture was supposed to help boost the bilateral ties, bring the two countries closer together, and counter the growth of China’s influence in the region.

Apparently, however, the Chinese diplomats and intelligence remain always watchful and alert – so much so that one wishes America’s were always that way.

So while Kamala got stuck in Singapore for a few extra hours, China took advantage, swooped in, and offered its southern neighbor Vietnam double the American donation: 2 million doses from its own Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine.

Vietnam ‘doesn’t’ ally with anybody

China’s ambassador in Hanoi, Xiong Bo, went right ahead and met with Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Pham Minh Chinh to inform him of Beijing’s donation.

As the Chinese diplomats got to play Kamala Harris, it doesn’t really matter that much that Sinopharm’s vaccine is deemed less effective at preventing COVID-19 than Pfizer’s, with a 79% effectiveness vs. 94%.

As he received the Chinese envoy, Vietnam’s Prime Minister thanked him and declared that Vietnam doesn’t “ally with one country to fight another,” state-run media reported, as cited by The Daily Mail.

While the US and Vietnam, former enemies during the Cold War, don’t have a formal alliance, it has been widely assumed that their alliance has an informal status as the latter is growing more and more concerned over the South China Sea incursions of its far larger and more powerful northern neighbor.

So the Chinese envoy getting the Prime Minister of Vietnam to declare a non-aligned status is no small diplomatic victory – even if that may already have been Hanoi’s formal position.

When she finally arrived in Vietnam, one of Harris’s stops in Hanoi was the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE), where she came with 270,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine, with the rest to arrive later as the US is opening a regional branch of the CDC there.

The US has donated a total of 6 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to Vietnam so far, while China has given it only 500,000 doses, and that was back in June.

It is astonishing how quickly the Chinese took advantage of the situation – unless they were also in on the Havana Syndrome attack as well, which would be too much to take – although nothing could be ruled out against the backdrop of what’s happening in the world and how the Biden administration is failing miserably at tackling America’s challengers.