BREAKING: 12 US military killed in 2 suicide attacks at Kabul airport, US aircraft getting shot at

Joe Biden’s already botched evacuation from Afghanistan has completely gone to the dogs: a total of 12 US service members have been killed and 15 have been wounded in two atrocious suicide bombing attacks at Kabul airport today.

At the same time, US aircraft flying in and out of Kabul airport is being shot at for the first time.

It remains unclear for the time being who perpetrated the attacks – with doubts falling on ISIS-K, the extreme radical Islamist and terrorist group, which is at odds with both the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

The worst seems to be happening

Democrat President Joe Biden – who has already proven to be an utter disaster in foreign and security policy after handing control to the Taliban and leaving the Afghan government to collapse – had been relying precisely on the goodwill of the radical Islamists to allow the evacuation of Americans and US allies through the airport in Kabul.

One of the two suicide bombing attacks at the airport today was committed at the Abbey Gate, and it has killed at least 10 US Marines and soldiers, according to US officials cited by Fox News.

At the time of the explosion, there were at least 5,000 people outside the gate, mostly Afghans but also potentially Western nationals.

A second suicide attack was carried outside the nearby Baron Hotel which until recently was used to shelter American citizens.

U.S. Marine Corps General Kenneth McKenzie, Jr., who announced that 12 US service members have just been killed and another 15 have been wounded at Kabul airport, said in his video statement that Thursday was a “tough day”.

However, he declared that his plan to evacuate both Americans and Afghan nationals has been “designed to operate under stress.”

Gen. McKenzie revealed that the US has been sharing relevant security information with the Taliban precisely in order to prevent this type of attack – and has been doing so since August 14, a day before the radical Islamist movement took Kabul without a fight.

Flights in and out are threatened

The Marine Corps general confirmed that US airplanes flying into Kabul and out are being fired at “on occasion” but did not report any seriously threatened flights.

In his words, besides the dozens of American service members killed or wounded in action, no US civilians or diplomats have been hurt in the two suicide attacks.

According to another report, of the 12 US service members killed, 11 were Marines and one of those was a Navy medic.

Meanwhile, the State Department announced some 500 of the 1,500 US citizens still remaining in Afghanistan were evacuated in the past 24 hours.

It added that most of the remaining about a thousand US citizens are also like to want to leave Afghanistan.

Sadly, the disastrous withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan undertaken by Joe Biden is only going from bad to worse with Thursday’s barbaric terrorist attacks whose scope is yet to be fully disclosed.

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