The eyes of the world are currently watching as the events in Afghanistan unfold, as the Taliban starts to form their first government in the country for over 20 years.

They know this, which is why their PR team has been working around the clock to persuade the world that they are going to be more liberal than they were previously.

However, despite this promise, which analysts believe will be one of many broken promises, the Taliban have moved ahead with their proposed ban of playing music in public spaces, claiming that the practice is ‘un-Islamic.’

The terrorist organisation has also announced that women who travel alone for several days will now require to have a male chaperone, days after announcing that women and girls will be able to return to work and school ‘in the future.’

Lies upon lies

These announcements were made by Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid during an interview with The New York Times.

Mujahid is also an influential leader in the terrorist organisation and he states that this Taliban government will be ‘more liberal’ than it was when they previously held power 20 years ago.

He claimed that “music is forbidden in Islam,” when referencing the newly announced music ban in the country, but he stated that the government hopes to “persuade people to not do such things, instead of pressure of them.”

He also suggested that women and girls will be allowed to return to work and school at some point in the future, provided they wear a hijab at all times.

However, back in 1996, the terrorist organisation made the same suggestion, yet it never came to pass.

Instead, women were forced to stay home, and could only venture outside with a male chaperone and whilst wearing a burqa.

However, Mujahid rejected claims that the Taliban will reintroduce such restrictions on the basic human rights of women, whilst also rejecting several reports that claimed the terrorist organisation has begun enacting revenge on Afghan citizens who allied with US forces and the previous Afghan government.

Video evidence that has been circling around on social media goes against his rejection, showing the deceased bodies of hundreds of Afghan citizens in the streets of Kabul and beyond after reports claimed Taliban fighters were going door-to-door with a kill list and executing people on the streets.

Heather Barr, an associate director of women’s rights at Human Rights Watch, also senses no truth to the Taliban’s claims.

She looked back on previous Taliban promises regarding women’s rights at the start of the century, stating that their promises never materialized and women were forced to live under horrific restrictions.

She also stated that the only reason why the Taliban were claiming to be “more liberal” this time around is due to the fact that every national and international media outlet is currently tracking the situation, meaning every move the Taliban makes is under intense microscope.

She claimed as soon as the international press starts to focus on other issues, the Taliban will then reveal their true agenda.