By now it has become profoundly clear, and painfully so, that Sleepy Joe Biden isn’t just good-for-nothing in the White House but he is a particularly tragically incompetent “commander-in-chief” of the US forces – having just set it up for ISIS to strike dozens of US service members and hundreds of Afghans at Kabul airport during his botched evacuation.

Biden and his pathetic liberal leftist aides were thinking that extremist terrorists won’t seize the chance for a bloodthirsty attack as they had made the vast crowds at the airport in Afghanistan’s capital sitting ducks.

Do terrorists care if we can “forgive” them?!

While Sleepy Joe has been touting his newly found and already dubious enough security arrangements with the Taliban, its even more radical offshoot, ISIS-K struck and killed 13 US service members and wounded 18 others, and also at least 60 Afghans and wounded 143 others.

Biden did react relatively quickly to the massacre in Kabul seeking to convey a powerful message of force but his speech was just weak, not to say pathetic – as he was threatening, among other things, not to “forgive and forget,” a bizarre choice of words considering that the last thing on the minds of the ISIS terrorists – doing what they – would be hoping that they would be “forgiven” and the attack would be “forgotten.”

In fact, their entire purpose is precisely not to be forgiven and forgotten so that they could keep instilling among the American public.

That is not even to mention that at least two of the perpetrators, the suicide bombers, are dead and likely already burning in hell for their monstrous crime.

Biden’s message and the entire speech are hard to process considering his guilt for all of that.

He tried to pay tribute to the killed US service personnel calling them “selfless heroes” because of their role in aiding the evacuation that he caused in the first place with his terribly incompetent pullout.

Biden then threatened ISIS and “anyone who wishes America harm” “with force” – although he doesn’t exactly project a powerful image with his senility, constant “senior moments” and Sleepy Joe status.

So ISIS-K may or may not have become concerned as the Democrat occupant of the White House told them that “we will hunt you down” as well as “make you pay.”

He then went into a more pathetic explanatory mode as with the “forgive and forget “cliché, namely that “we” are going to respond “with force and precision,” and will do so on at a time and place “of our choosing.”

This translates into: “We are unable to hit you back immediately.”

And why the need to tell them that it will be “of our choosing”?!

Who else would choose if not we?

Of our choosing, and we’ll just be leaving come Aug 31, thank you very much!

Biden did say also that he told his commanders to come up with plans to strike leaders, assets, and facilities of ISIS-K – leading everyone to wonder why such plans aren’t already drawn up just in case – because such a horrible attack was expected by experts?

And also – why did Biden feel the need to warn ISIS about the upcoming development of the plans to strike them – wasn’t that supposed to be of “our choosing”?

To top it all off, the Democrat president just stated that “we” won’t be “deterred by terrorists” and that the US will continue sticking to its plan to evacuate all and leave by August 31.

Never mind what just happened and what damage it has caused to America – the Sleepy Joe man somehow got programmed with this mission – take the troops out by August 31 at all costs and that’s that.

So, in a nutshell, the worst has happened, but Joe Biden doesn’t care – he just likes doing what he’s doing – never mind the brutal, gruesome attack, the victims, and the incredible humiliation – that he himself caused in the first place.