As abysmal Democrat President Joe Biden created the perfect setup for Islamist terrorists to attack with a maximum impact – and they just did it with their suicide bombings at Kabul airport on Thursday, killing dozens of US troops and Afghan civilians, a former National Security Advisor for President Donald Trump has issued a very chilling warning of what is to follow.

Biden has created a new epicenter of global jihadist terrorism

Commenting on Fox News shortly after ISIS-K had fanatics blow themselves up at the Abbey Gate and the Baron Hotel near Kabul Airport, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, who served as White House National Security Adviser in 2017-2018, made it clear that Biden’s abject incompetence is going to cost America even more dearly.

McMaster stated that the situation in Afghanistan and with global jihadist terrorism as a whole is only “going to get much worse” from this point on – evidently thanks to the effects from a pile of blunders committed by the Biden administration.

Simply because there is now what he described as a “new epicenter of Jihadist terrorism” that will present “a grave threat to the world.”

McMaster emphasized that under the Taliban now, the Haqqani network, which “used to run the Kabul attack network” has now become “in charge of security in Kabul.”

When that is coupled with “the five thousand” whom “we made the Afghans release from prison” and the fact that the Taliban have released more extremist inmates so that “all the prisons” in Afghanistan are now “being empty… of ISIS - Khorasan and al-Qaeda” – the repercussions would be very serious.

Maybe start being serious people and seek a noble outcome?

According to Trump’s former National Security Advisor, with this “new epicenter of jihadist terrorism” posing “a grave threat to the world” the question is what the US government is going to do, and whether it is going to “start being serious people again?” – a seemingly striking allusion to the failures and incompetence of the Biden administration so far.

He noted that the US shouldn’t just be thinking about “engaging” the Taliban but also engage other Afghans and “then really double down” on broad counterterrorism efforts with international partners around the globe since “the situation is going to get much worse.”

McMaster then shrewdly observed that “we have the capability,” which is why the main question remains, “Do we have the will?” – something the Biden administration keeps demonstrating on an hourly basis that it doesn’t.

McMaster went on to declare a powerful but devastating conclusion, namely, that “we defeated ourselves in this war” – “we” meaning Joe Biden and his gang of pathetic leftist incompetents.

“The Taliban didn’t defeat us,” we did, he emphasized, asking again if “we can muster the will.”

McMaster said the American people need to “demand more of their leaders” so they can actually try and “achieve a noble outcome” instead of a “surrender to a terrorist organization” – which is precisely what Joe Biden has done.