Biden administration just crossed the line into completely incompetent: It actually gave Taliban list of US Afghan allies to be evacuated. Or, rather, executed!

It’s truly unbelievable how incompetent the Biden administration has proven to be over the handling of Afghanistan – the list of outrageous blunders Sleepy Joe and his nasty leftist bunch have made there appears endless.

The latest revelation about one of its moves there conveys that the Biden administration isn’t just incompetent – because pretty much any government out there in the world could more or less be qualified as incompetent.

This one step reveals that it is actually completely incompetent.

Or, better yet, just stupid.

Creating the entire apocalypse with the loss of the war, the botched evacuations, and Thursday’s/today’s slaughter in the massive ISIS-K terrorist attack at Kabul airport which killed 13 US troops and more than 150 Afghans have all spoken for themselves out of Joe Biden’s senile mouth.

But none of those absolutely outrageous developments is enough for the liberal leftist Democrats in charge of America.

Giving the Taliban evacuation/execution list

Apparently, the Biden administration also gave its newly found buddies from the radical Islamist Taliban an actual list with the names of US-Afghan allies so that they would be allowed by the Taliban checkpoints access to the airport to evacuate.

That is correct – the Biden administration is relying on nobody other than the Taliban to give safe passage to all those who helped the US fight them for 20 years, and somehow it didn’t occur to any of the liberal leftist talking heads in the US government that the Taliban might use the comprehensive list for other purposes.

Such as purging, i.e. killing off all US collaborators in the country instead of letting them leave.

Or – just being practical and using the list after Biden has ended his botched evacuation on August 31, as it is scheduled, and then just use the list to sift through Afghanistan’s population and kill off any of the US-Afghan allies who might have remained in the country.

What a nice gesture on part of the Biden administration to the Taliban administration, indeed – what an efficient and convenient tool to provide as a favor to the Taliban.

Earlier in media reports, there were concerns that the Taliban had captured US equipment using biometric data to identify US-Afghan helpers and could thus find all of them and exterminate them.

Now the Biden administration has saved them the hustle of having to identify anybody – just handed them a nice list and that’s that.

The idiotic blunder in question was reported by Politico, which cited one defense source informed about the list of people approved for evacuation by the US government – which also includes US citizens and Green cardholders, not just Afghan US allies – given to the Taliban.

According to the unnamed official, the Biden administration “just put all these Afghans on a kill list.”

America has never seen such stupidity

President Donald Trump spoke on Fox News’s Hannity, after the terrorist attack, and was absolutely outraged over the list handed to the Taliban.

Trump said apparently the US government-run by Biden is “giving lists” of Americans to the Taliban so they can just “knock on the door and grab them.”

Trump predicted the situation in Afghanistan is only going to become worse, stating that the US now looks “like fools all over the world” as it was being “pathetic, weak” and led by people “who have no idea what they are doing.”

The 45th president of the US also said he felt “very, very badly” for those Afghans as well as the Americans who are on the “evacuation/execution” list given to the Taliban because they are now in “great danger.”

Trump summed it up that the US “has never seen such stupidity” and is “really in trouble.”

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