There are times when Joe Biden invokes not just outrage over his incompetence and blunders but also sadness – for America, and maybe some for him as well – as a seemingly senile old man has been pushed to the fore of US government by a greedy clique of liberal leftist Marxists maybe just to stick up as their figurehead.

In case, while Biden might well play an evil figure in history – seemingly presiding over an attempt at an American decline – he might as well be a tragic figure, too – a mentally lost gerontocrat increasingly struggling with speaking and walking, not to mention taking major political decisions for the United States and the world – and not to mention taking the right decisions or owning up to his blunders.

The tired 78-year-old man seems more and more overwhelmed by his “presidency”, and the deterioration of his condition seems to be spiraling out of control the more blunders he makes.

Overwhelmed Biden crumbling

A very telling episode in this regard was a moment from his news conference at the White House on Thursday, which came eight hours after the horrifying terrorist attack at Kabul airport by the ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan.

The attack with suicide bombers aided by gunmen killed 13 US service members and wounded 18 others, while also killed at least 150 civilian Afghans.

During the news conference, Biden did take questions for about 30 minutes but only from reporters from a pre-approved list.

And even so, he seemed lost for words and was widening his eyes upon hearing what he was being asked.

At one point, he started leaning against his notebook on the podium, as he was getting pressed over assuming responsibility for the multiple deaths in the terrorist attack perpetrated by ISIS-K amid the huge crowd of Afghans seeking to evacuate from their own country and the thousands of US service personnel stationed at the airport in Kabul.

Biden was taking a question from Fox News report Peter Doocy about the responsibility for the fiasco.

Doocy was asking him whether he would accept responsibility for how the developments in Afghanistan unfolded over the past couple of weeks – a practically unprecedented foreign and security policy disaster for the United States caused by Sleepy Joe’s botched pullout and even more botched evacuation.

The defining moment

After hearing the question, Biden agreed that he bears responsibility for “all that’s happened of late” – and, nevertheless, he did go on the offensive and started diverting and shifting blame by stating that a “former president made a deal” – referring to Donald Trump – with the Taliban group to remove US forces from Afghanistan by May 1.

As Doocy continued to ask clarifying questions, Biden bowed down his head as he was leaning on top of his notebook and remained like that for about 10 seconds.

The moment was seized upon by multiple Biden critics on Twitter who tweeted photos of it, some describing it as the “defining moment” of the Biden presidency, with the Democrat president seemingly crumbling.

That might well be a defining moment for Biden – the problem is that with him being just 7 months into his term, his cognitive condition seemingly deteriorating, and the ramifications of the blunders caused by him and his equally incompetent aides, America is a looking many more such fiascos and crumbling “defining moments.”