Democrat President Joe Biden recently gift the radical Islamist Taliban group with full control of Afghanistan, and that has expectedly ushered into an unbelievably shocking downward spiral of hellish scenarios for the United States.

One of them has been Thursday’s massacre at Kabul airport which claimed the lives of 13 US troops and at least 150 civilian Afghans, a bloody nightmare caused by a terrorist attack with suicide bombers committed by ISIS-K.

ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K), the Afghanistan branch of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is made up of former Taliban who in 2014 pledged allegiance to ISIS.

It is far more radical Islamist than the Taliban and thought to be in conflict with Taliban buddies al-Qaeda.

Nonetheless, there seem to be multiple ways in which both the Taliban and the Biden administration have contributed towards setting up Thursday’s Kabul airport bloodbath – most prominently, Joe Biden’s entire botched withdrawal and mismanaged evacuation effort.

‘The Afghans didn’t hold’

One way in which the Taliban themselves might have contributed to the attack – even though the connection cannot be proven at the present stage at least, and although the Taliban denounced ISIS-K for it – is by evidently releasing from prison thousands and thousands of terrorists from ISIS-K terrorists.

Pundits have already pointed in that direction although, for the time being, there haven’t been conclusive reports linking the release of the Islamic State prisoners and the Kabul airport terrorist attack – yet, it is certain that the former development has given ISIS-K a powerful boost.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Friday admitted that the Taliban released “thousands” of prisoners from ISIS-Khorasan Province (named after an ancient part of Persia that encompassed Afghanistan and Northeast Iran).

During his press briefing, Kirby was answering a question by Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin about how many inmates the Taliban set loose from the prison in Bagram and why those potential terrorists weren’t transferred elsewhere such as Guantanamo before the US withdrawal.

Kirby couldn’t give an exact number but said it was “in the thousands.”

He added that the US has been “turning things over” to the Afghan security forces – including the responsibilities for the said prison – among all other prisons and military bases containing prisons.

The Pentagon spokesman then added, however, that “of course” when the Taliban advanced “the Afghans didn’t hold” their ground and the prisons ended up in the hands of the Islamists who opened their gates.

Did the released terrorists give ISIS-K the needed boost for the attack?

ISIS-K has already assumed responsibility for the barbaric terrorist attack at Kabul airport.

According to former US ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism during the Trump administration, Nathan Sales, it is likely that ISIS-K prisoners recently freed by the Taliban contributed to the Kabul airport terrorist attack.

Sales noted that one of the reasons ISIS-K might have been able to pull off “such a sophisticated attack” so quickly could be thanks to the capabilities of the freed militants.

He insisted that the extent to which escaped ISIS prisoners played a role in the bombing should be one of the things to be investigated.

There would be very little wonder if they were crucial for the “success” of the slaughter – which once again leads to the question – what were Biden and his administration thinking?!