One particularly frightening thing about today’s America is that wokeism and transgenderism – as subdivisions of class-struggle Marxism, really – are also making inroads in the US military, and do so in very perfidious and outrageous ways.

Focusing on feminism diversity on the US military’s most lethal day in over a decade

Now, feminism, or even radical feminism isn’t what it used to be now that wokeism and transgenderism are repugnantly around and have taken over the misguided minds of liberal leftists as the latest and most fashionable subdivisional ideological abomination of Marxism.

But whenever “race” and “gender” cannot be forcibly stuck into the leftist narrative good, ol’ family-value-poisoning radical feminism still gets the Marxist supremacy job done.

So much as that now, after a total of 13 US troops were killed and another 18 were wounded in a terrorist attack by ISIS-K in Afghanistan, the US Army’s top sergeant major thought it would be a great idea to send out a Twitter post for “Women Equality Day” – but made no mention whatsoever of the severe US forces casualties.

That’s right: on the most lethal day for the US military in over a decade, Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston, tweeted that “we’re more lethal when we’re inclusive,” with a photo containing the faces of ethnically diverse US servicewomen.

Sure, recognizing the contribution and achievements of American women in uniform to the security of the United States is great – except Grinston seemed completely oblivious to the casualties the US military had just suffered in a brutal, cowardly act of terrorism – which also killed at least 150 Afghan civilians at Kabul airport.

Grinston is the most senior enlisted officer of the US Army, and serves as an advisor on enlistment efforts.

So while his failure to even mention the tragic and heroic death of the 13 US service personnel in Kabul at the hands of ISIS as they were rescuing civilians from radical Islamist fanatics may have been just an inadvertent omission, it is a rather painful one.

Liberal leftist is creeping up the military’s sleeves

In this particular case, Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston was faced with major backlash on Twitter for focusing solely on Women’s Equality Day and on “diversity” in the army without mentioning the ISIS terrorist attack in Kabul and those who have fallen serving the American people.

Grinston ended up correcting the omission later but sending another tweet especially for expressing the Army’s deepest sympathies to the families of those who got killed in Kabul.

Perhaps there would have been no omission at all if it hadn’t been for the general climate of crazy wokeism, radical feminism, transgenderism – and the other vile, evil –isms falling under the umbrella of Marxism, which are ripping apart the fabric of the American society in order to destroy America’s democracy, rights, and freedoms and substitute it for a Marxist totalitarian dictatorship.

It is a scary thought but it is not impossible that further down this almighty leftist propaganda road, the US military might be the only factor protecting the American republic from complete annihilation by radical Marxism.

Which is part of the reasons the liberal leftists have been striving to creep up the military’s sleeves.