The Biden administration – including both His Presidential Senility, Sleepy Joe Biden himself, and his radicalized leftist staffers’ bunch – has managed to make an unfathomable mess out of Afghanistan and America’s withdrawal from there.

As decent Americans are aware, though – it isn’t just Afghanistan and America’s 20-year war on terror that the Biden administration has completely messed up, it’s just that this one has been the most evident for the outer world to see.

Questionable policy after questionable policy, one botched step at a time, the relentless pushing of a radical leftist, Marxist, anti-American agenda – the Biden administration is swiftly morphing America into a dystopia of absurdity.

Psaki can’t give a decent answer even to a minor-issue question

Against that entire backdrop of the greatest power on earth seeming as though it’s being run by the village idiots, one White House reporter raised some eyebrows and made some headlines after asking about Joe Biden’s dog during press secretary Jen Psaki’s latest briefing.

A journalist from The New York Post asked Psaki about documents recently revealed by the Judicial Watch, a conservative group, which showed that Biden’s German shepherd Major has inflected multiple bites upon Secret Service agents.

The White House has previously acknowledged one such incident of Major biting a Secret Service agent.

However, The NY Post reporter stated that there was a “significant” discrepancy between that admission and the document revelations – as apparently Biden’s doggy has been biting his way around the White House far more times and far more severely than the administration has cared to admit.

The reporter said the lack of “transparency” on part of the administration even in such “minor stories” cast serious doubt on the information coming from the White House on bigger issues.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki, the highly competent official that she could have been, seemed at least somewhat startled by Biden’s dog biting around question.

She reacted seemingly sardonically by mentioning the “ongoing interest in the dog” and acknowledged once again that Major has been experiencing “some challenges” in adjusting to living in the White House (as is the case with his owner), but that he, Major, is also going frequently back to Delaware where the environment is familiar to him.

Thus, even in answering the dog question, Psaki failed to give any kind of a satisfactory answer, without actually commenting on the frequency of biting incidents.

Why the reporter was right to ask what he asked

Steven Nelson, The New York Post reporter who asked the question about Biden’s dog Major’s hobby of mauling Secret Service agents, was rather quickly ridiculous for taking up public attention over such a trivial matter in the midst of the horrendous catastrophe in Afghanistan.

Some said on social media that he should be given a Pulitzer for journalism, or that he should go and ask Major directly himself.

And, yet, Nelson was right to ask what he asked – first, because he once again exposed the inability of the Biden administration to give answers to even simple questions related to minor issues.

Second, because the entire story of the Biden administration has been an abject failure so far – from surrendering to the Taliban in Afghanistan and putting the countless US and allied lives in harm’s way, to the inability to rein in a tamed dog at the White House.

Third, because a question about the president’s dog as America’s foreign and security policy house is burning is a wonderful metaphor of the farcical nature of the Biden administration – which has in many ways has been “feast in time of plague” – a farce all over, on all counts, in all respects.