The tremendous damages that are being caused by abject fiasco of the Biden administration, including His Incompetence, “surrenderer-in-chief” Joe Biden, have such wide-ranging ramifications that they are oftentimes hard to guess.

The needless destruction of American and foreign lives, the incredible humiliation and loss of America’s superpower credibility, the rollback in the war on terror and the progress made in Afghanistan over the past 20 years are all the more obvious consequences from Biden’s giant foreign policy debacle.

But there are also ramifications where you wouldn’t have guessed – for instance, the case of a renowned Marine battalion commander whose righteous anger over the Afghanistan catastrophe has moved him to address the public in a video which went viral – and which has cost him his 17-year-long successful Marine Corps career.

Compelled to speak out

Lt. Col Stuart Scheller, a Marine battalion commander, has risked and lost his career because he felt compelled to speak out about the gigantic mess made in Afghanistan by Sleepy Joe Biden and his equally incompetent administration.

While Scheller didn’t explicitly mention Joe Biden in his video, his criticism for the “commander-in-chief” was very well implied, and he did call out the rest of the top echelon of America’s current military leadership, including Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Secretary of Defense, and Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Marine lieutenant colonel lambasted them for now owning up to the mess they created under Biden’s directions with the Afghanistan withdrawal and the ensuing still ongoing bloody evacuation from Kabul – and for not admitting that “we messed this up.”

In his five-minute video that has now cost him his entire professional life, Scheller declared that the reason for people’s anger over Afghanistan, which has been pouring out on social media, doesn’t have to do with the Marine letting them down on the battlefield.

Instead, it is caused by the frustrating performance of the “senior leaders.”

The Marine battalion commander’s video had more than 3,100 comments and got shared more than 23,000 times on Facebook by Friday evening, with the reactions overwhelmingly supportive of his decision to break ranks and speak out even though he is defying his senior leadership.

Scheller, who has done tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, said in his video that he was fully aware he was risking the 17-year-long career he’s had in the Marine Corps and everything associated with it.

However, he bravely declared that he was “willing to throw it all away” just in order to “demand accountability” from “my senior leaders.”

Exhibiting precisely the valor that the US military has been known for over the decades as the main force defending the Free World from various encroachments of tyranny, the lieutenant colonel from the US Marine Corps states his conviction that one “can only be defined” by “what you are willing to risk.”

In the video, Scheller admitted that he had a close personal relationship with one of the 11 Marines who were killed in Thursday’s brutal terrorist attack at Kabul airport by ISIS-K.

He declared that “all those people” “potentially…did die in vain” if the leaders aren’t held accountable for their blunders.

Scheller criticized, in particular, the fact that the Biden administration didn’t secure the crucial Bagram airbase before starting to evacuate people out, and ended up relying only on the airport in Kabul for that.

‘Loss of trust and confidence’

Shortly after his video went viral on Facebook, Scheller posted a follow-up revealing that his decision to speak out has indeed cost him his career as he has just been relieved of his duties.

Col. David Emmel, the Commanding Officer of School of Infantry-East, relieved Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller of command because of a “loss of trust and confidence” in “his ability to command,” The Daily Mail reported, citing Marine Corps spokesperson Maj. Jim Stenger.

In his follow-up post, Scheller, a father of three boys, again behaved with valor saying he didn’t disagree with the decision to relieve him of his duties.

He nonetheless described America as “the light shining in a fog of chaos.”

So among the countless thing that America has lost because of Biden’s reckless and irresponsible handling of Afghanistan is the Marine Corps service of a seemingly valiant and valuable soldier and commander such as Stuart Scheller.