In so many ways, Thursday’s bloodbath at Kabul airport – a suicide bombing terrorist attack by ISIS-K – has been the completely logical, albeit still utterly shocking, outcome from the pile of blunders committed on Afghanistan by Democrat President Joe Biden and his radicalizing leftist gang of staffers.

Biden’s incompetence killed the 13 US troops in Kabul

The seemingly more and more senile Biden and his no less delusional aides have been stacking error on top of error with the Afghanistan withdrawal of US forces – so much so that, unless their aim was to deliberately embarrass, humiliate and hurt the United States, their incompetence is just unheard-of.

Each of Biden’s pullout steps would create a crisis, he would then react, and that reaction would cause an ever greater crisis, and so on.

One might even say it’s a wonder that a lot more people – including Americans – haven’t been killed so far because of the incompetence of the Biden administration.

Yet, the dear lives of the 13 US troops killed in Thursday’s terrorist attacks will weigh on Biden’s conscience for good – because while as members of the US military they were prepared to give their lives for the greater good of the nation – and they did, nothing warrants creating a perfect setup for their deaths through incompetent, reckless and ill-advised policies and policy moves.

That is why the frustration and anger of the victims’ loved ones are beyond justified, and the fathers of two of the murdered US Marines have been right to blame their sons’ killings on Biden and to accuse him of turning his back on the American troops despite his constitutional role as the commander-in-chief.

The 13 US service members include Navy medic Max Soviak, 22; Army Staff Sgt Ryan Knauss, 23; Marines Hunter Lopez, 22; Rylee McCollum, 20; Johanny Rosario, 25; David Lee Espinoza, 20; Daegan Page, 23; Kareem Nikoui, 20; Jared Schmitz, 20; Taylor Hoover, 31; Humberto Sanchez and an unnamed special forces soldier.

Be afraid for US troops because of the leadership

Steve Nikoui, father of Kareem Nikoui, said on Friday that the Biden administration sent his son to Afghanistan as a “paper pusher.”

He criticized the leadership for trusting the Taliban to provide security outside the Kabul airport.

Nikoui then told The Daily Beast that he blames “my own military leaders.”

“Biden turned his back on him,” the mourning father stated, and couldn’t be more right, as critics have been wondering why these 13 US troops had to die in the first place, why was an emergency evacuation needed, why couldn’t civilians be evacuated before the US troops leave, why Biden decided to abandon Afghanistan completely and surrender it to the Taliban, and why the US fought there for 20 years when all of its progress was squandered by Sleepy Joe in a couple of weeks over the summer.

Kareem Nikoui’s father also revealed he was relieved as his son joined the Marine Corps and President Donald Trump was in the White House because he could see that Trump “didn’t want to send people into harm’s way.”

Mark Scmitz, the father of Jared Schmitz told the American public to be “be afraid” of the nation’s “leadership or lack thereof.”

With Biden in the White House he is exactly right.