Sleepy Joe Biden and his no less abysmal administration have put an incredible amount of people in harm’s way with their misguided and incredibly catastrophic policies and decisions on the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The badly organized, hasty and maybe unnecessary and imprudent – at least for the time being – pullout has led to the speedy collapse of the Afghan government, leaving the country entirely to the mercy of the radical Islamist Taliban.

US transgenderists don’t care for abandoning Afghan gay people to the Taliban

This necessitated the urgent evacuation of US citizens and allies to save them from a horrific fate at the hands of the medieval-minded murderous Taliban.

The evacuation has cost us further lives caused by the chaos and the suicide bombing terrorist attack at Kabul airport which has killed 13 US troops and 169 civilian Afghans.

Every step of the way the Biden administration and its semi-conscious leader have caused greater and greater destruction, risks, and death.

Allowing the Afghan government to collapse has in particular put under danger homosexuals and queers – and that against the naturally hypocritical but fiery rhetoric of the radical leftists and transgenderists dominating the Biden administration about the protection of LGBTQ people.

That is right: the radical leftist Democrats, especially their vicious “progressives”, are all up in arms when they “have to” “defend” LGBTQ rights in America – which they use in order to constantly harass normal, patriotic Americans – and for no other purpose.

But when actual LGBTQ people have to be defended with arms in hand from real aggression, torture and death, the liberal leftist Marxists typically cower and shrink back in fear.

Again, this is NOT the made-up threat of “heart feelings” as back home in the United States which transgenderists tout as the greatest horror in the world – this is a place where actual dangers are in place for LGBTG folks.

And what has the Biden administration done about it?

It has abandoned them miserably and disgracefully.

‘They kill us very brutally’

This much has been revealed by a gay man who told The Daily Mail in an interview that life under the radical Islamist Taliban for gay people would be a living hell.

The man’s identity was not disclosed to protect his life – but he can be seen on video, his face blurred, again, to protect him.

The Afghan gay man revealed that the Taliban just “enjoy” hunting down LGBTQ people and executing them in various torturous ways.

“They kill us very brutally,” the man said, adding that homosexual and transgender people wouldn’t get murdered “mercifully” by the Islamists “with a gun or a bullet” like their other enemies.

In his words, LGBTQ people would be killed by the Taliban with fire, beheading, or by being stoned to death.

The man revealed his best friend, also a gay man, committed suicide out of desperation.

The Taliban interpret Islam’s Sharia law as strictly prohibiting homosexuality, leading them to execute homosexuals in especially brutal ways.

Under the Afghan government that was left to collapse by the Biden administration, homosexuals were still persecuted but received prison terms.

As the Taliban’s sheet medieval brutality is getting unleashed on their poor victims – regardless of whether those are political enemies, women, or gay people – the world has only to thank the liberal leftists ruling over the Biden administration, who revel in their hypocrisy.