The radical Islamist Taliban movement, in essence a terrorist or at least terrorism-friendly forces with an early medieval mindset, the same group that hosted al-Qaeda in Afghanistan prior to 9/11, has hit the jackpot with $85 billion worth of top-notch US military equipment graciously bestowed upon it by America’s loser Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden with his utterly botched withdrawal.

Maybe the greatest capture of top-notch military equipment in history

The Taliban grab of all the US-made equipment given to the ungrateful Afghan military which collapsed in several days might as well be the largest weapon spoils grab in history, and it has certainly made the Taliban the best equipment radical Islamist and pro-terrorism group in the world.

At the same time many of America’s allies – such as NATO or non-NATO countries in Eastern Europe constantly facing the threat of all-out Russian aggression have had to beg the US leadership for military equipment donations or at least purchases at a manageable price.

Not the case with the Taliban – Sleepy Joe has given them everything they could possibly wish for in terms of military equipment.

Or maybe he wasn’t exactly conscious and slept through it but his radical leftist gang did it.

A report by The Daily Mail outlines the stunning overnight transformation of the Taliban forces: ragtag early medieval tribal militias wearing sandals and shalwar kameez, armed with Soviet-made AK-47s are now clad in tailor camouflage uniforms and combat boots, and sporting M4 carbines with telescoping stocks.

The headwear they now have is “more expensive and more advanced” even than that “worn by most British troops.”

The Taliban have also snatched state-of-the-art Multi-band Intrateam Radios (MBITR-2) prefered by US Green Berets and issued to the former Afghan government forces but which aren’t available to most conventional UK personnel.

The report cites a UK army officer as pointing out that in addition to getting the US-made gear, the Taliban appear to be maintaining it well, and to have “a plan, high morale, proper equipment” – which is why “they’re winning.”

On top of everything, it appears that US- and UK-trained defectors from the Afghan National Security Forces have swollen the ranks of the Taliban troops.

‘Unbelievable’ and ‘unfathomable’

According to GOP member of the US House of Representatives Jim Banks, an ally of President Donald Trump, thanks to the Biden administration, the Taliban now have more Black Hawk helicopters than 85% of all countries in the world.

Banks himself served as an officer in charge of supplying weapons in Afghanistan.

He declared that “due to the negligence of this administration”, the Taliban has “$85billion worth of military equipment.”

The Congressman described the fact that the Taliban has access to biometric devices as “unbelievable and unfathomable,” and slammed the Biden administration for still having “no plan to get this military equipment or supplies back.”

Sleepy Joe Biden has indeed emerged as the best friend of the radical Islamist terrorists in so many ways!