Hollywood, one of the pillars of radicalizing liberal leftist Marxism in America, has been mobilizing as the job of California’s leftist Governor Gavin Newsom is increasingly on the line.

With Newsom facing a very challenging recall on September 14 – which is challenging for him mostly because of his cheeky incompetence that he’s demonstrated since he took office in 2019 – Salem radio host Larry Elder, a true American patriot and a passionate conservative is standing a great chance to lead a state increasingly getting destroyed by misguided liberal leftism.

Hollywood has mobilized in defense of mindless leftism

The thought of having a man who is simultaneously a great patriot and an outspoken conservative is unbearable to America’s radicalizing Marxists.

It’s all the more horrifying to them because Elder is a black Republican man – and the impudent leftist Democrats love treating black people as though they are “theirs” by default.

So much so that The Los Angeles Times even idiotically declared Elder to be the “black face of white supremacy.”

Terrified by the potential crumbling of their extreme leftism tall tales narrative, Hollywood actors, directors, producers and studio executives are rushing to donate to Newsom’s rescue, Fox News reports.

Reed Hasting alone, the CEO of wokeist and transgenderist propaganda machine Netflix, has given a whopping $3 million to Newson’s political action committee, data from the office of the Secretary of State of California reveals.

Paramount Pictures has donated to Newsom $40,000, the Entertainment Software Association has contributed $50,000, and the Motion Picture Association has given $10,000 for the efforts to save the incumbent governor.

Director Stephen Spielberg is said to have given to $25,000 to the anti-recall effort, while actress Barbara Streisand gave $2,500.

Other major donors to Newsom’s cause include some figures connected to big tech: Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs who contributed $200,000; former Yahoo president Marissa Meyer, who also gave $200,000; Democratic donor Dagmar Dolby provided $100,000.

Reports say that an online fundraiser attracted about a dozen VIP attenders and raised more than $1 million for Newsom.

It was organized by consulting firm Gonring, Lin, Spahn.

Oh, no! Elder is taking after DeSantis!

Against that backdrop, John Legend (John Roger Stephens), a singer and a songwriter, who was among the top guests in ex-President Barack Obama’s recent shamelessly lavish 60th birthday bash, has issued a call to Californians to reject the “ridiculous recall.”

He accused Larry Elder of seeing Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis as a role model – as though there is something wrong with that considering that the latter is a rising star in the GOP and very popular with the public in Florida, and deservedly so.

Newsom is said to lead in the polls with 50.6% of the vote vs. 46.3% in favor of recalling him, according to FiveThirtyEight.

The recall has a two-stage ballot.

First, the voters say whether to recall the governor.

Then they vote for a candidate to replace him.

If more than 50% of the voters answer “yes” on the first question, then the candidate with the highest number of votes on the second question wins.