A day before the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan – with which Joe Biden and his leftist administration have caused so much trouble for America – terrorists, most likely from ISIS, have started to fire rockets at Kabul airport where thousands of people are still hoping for a way out of the country.

At least 300 US citizens are still to be evacuated, while thousands of Afghans are also hoping to be able to escape from the radical Islamist rule of the Taliban to whom Sleepy Joe Biden so generously bestowed the entire country earlier this month.

ISIS-K (ISIS-Khorasan), the Afghan affiliate of the Islamic State, has already bloodied the evacuation, after one of its suicide bombers on Thursday killed 13 US troops and 169 Afghan civilians by blowing himself up near one of the airport gates.

On Sunday, ISIS-K was about to attempt an even bigger suicide bombing but at least one vehicle carrying a bomber was destroyed by the US in a drone strike before he could reach the airport; the strike and its target were confirmed later by the Taliban.

Subsequent reports coming on Monday claimed two vehicles and “multiple suicide bombers” were actually destroyed but that nine Kabul residents from the same family were killed, including three children.

ISIS now firing rockets at the airport

On Monday morning, terrorists fired at least five rockets against the airport, but its C-RAM missile defense system kicked in, and either all of them or at least some of them were intercepted and destroyed, according to a US official cited by Reuters.

According to the official, there haven’t been any US casualties in the rocket attacks but that information is yet to be verified.

There was no immediate information as to who launched the rocket attacks against the airport but the primary suspected would be the ISIS-K group.

According to a security official from the now collapsed Afghan government, the rockets were fired from a vehicle in the northern part of Kabul.

Eyewitness reports mention seeing missiles exploding in the air, with shrapnel falling in the streets, meaning that at least one of the five rockets fired against the airport was intercepted and destroyed.

Meanwhile, Kabul’s Salim Karwan neighborhood was also targeted with rockets on Monday, according to witnesses cited by the Associated Press.

The explosions were followed by gunfire but it was unclear who was firing.

Who’s the most pathetic on Biden’s team?

Jen Psaki, the pathetic press secretary of the White House, issued a statement saying that Joe Biden was briefed on the “rocket attack” at the airport in Kabul, and that the evacuation operations are still continuing uninterrupted.

Biden’s no less pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken described the situation as “the most dangerous time” for an “already extraordinarily dangerous mission” – shyly oblivious of the fact that it was him and his boss Sleepy Joe who created all of those dangers with their idiotic blunders.

Meanwhile, Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan tried to rival Blinken, Psaki, and Biden himself in incompetence by seeing a huge and non-existent silver lining in the Afghanistan catastrophe their gang has caused.

He ludicrously declared that the disastrous pullout has shown that the US is capable of “suppressing the terrorism threat [even] without a large permanent presence on the ground.”