The US military appears to have prevented a new bloody suicide bombing terrorist attack against the airport in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul by striking an explosives-packed vehicle heading that way.

Thousands of people, including Westerners and Afghan Western allies, are still waiting to be evacuated through Kabul airport, leaving the country out of fear of the Taliban regime.

On Thursday, the ISIS-K terrorist group used a suicide bomber to strike the crowd, killing 13 US troops and 169 civilian Afghans in a terrifying bloodbath, which also counted hundreds of wounded.

Since then, US officials, including generally Sleepy Joe Biden, who created the great conditions for terrorist attacks in the first place, have been warning that other suicide bombing attempts may be imminent.

Suicide bomber driving towards the airport

On Sunday, the US military carried out an airstrike with a drone in Kabul destroying a car believed to be transporting at least one suicide bomber en route to the airport, which may have caused another massacre.

In the hours after Thursday’s attack, as the weak-looking Biden promised payback to ISIS-Khorasan, the Afghan affiliate of the Islamic State (ISIS), the US military carried out a precision strike with an MQ-9 Reaper drone killing an ISIS-K operative in a car near the border with Pakistan.

Sunday’s strike, however, was right in the streets of Kabul as the explosives-packed vehicle was approaching the US-controlled international airport for another deadly mission.

The US Central Command announced in a statement that strike was performed in a densely populated quarter of Kabul to the northwest of the airport.

The precision strike led to “significant secondary explosions,” taken to mean that the vehicle contained a “substantial amount of explosive material” CENTCOM’s spokesman, Capt. Bill Urban, said.

Initial reports said the vehicle itself may have been a car bomb but an official cited by Fox News clarified later that one or more suicide bombers inside the car may have been wearing the explosives.

Urban described Sunday’s effort as “a self-defense unmanned over-the-horizon airstrike” which led to the “eliminating [of] an imminent ISIS-K threat” to Hamad Karzai International Airport.”

Without giving other details, Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman of the Taliban, said in an announcement to journalists that the US strike targeted “the bomber” who was driving a vehicle loaded with explosives.

Another terrorist attack

In what appears to be a separate incident at roughly the same time as the airstrike, a rocket struck a house in Kabul’s Khajeh Baghra area, also northwest of the airport.

The Associated Press cited a Kabul police chief as alleging that the explosion killed a child.

There were also eyewitness reports before AFP, Reuters, and the BBC, some of them conflicting, in what may have been a separate attempt at a terrorist attack.

No terrorist group has claimed the separate attack, and it hasn’t even been confirmed officially as an act of terrorism.

The attack has come as the Biden administration, which has botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan in every way possible, is preparing to draw down its airlift that has gotten tens of thousands of people out of Kabul.