Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has not only set up 13 US troops to be blown up to pieces by Islamist terrorists from ISIS but he has also disrespected their memories and their families as he was checking his watch the entire time the caskets with their remains were being honored, two of the bereaved fathers have revealed.

The 11 US servicemen and two servicewomen – including 11 Marines, one Army man, and one Navy medic – were killed last Thursday by ISIS-K, the Afghanistan affiliate of the Islamic State, by a suicide bomber at Kabul airport – together with 169 Afghan civilians.

He first got them killed

ISIS received a “golden” opportunity to kill US service members thanks to Joe Biden’s entire – and entirely – botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was not only needless but was also carried out in such a way so as to expose as many people as possible to deadly threats.

A Washington Post report even revealed that Biden refused for the US to assume control over the entire city of Kabul after the Afghan government collapsed – which was proposed by the Taliban themselves.

Instead, Biden and his aides decided that the US troops should only occupy the airport turning them and all the civilians flocking there in order to flee into sitting ducks for any radical Islamist terrorist eager to kill.

Once he had created the conditions for the death of the 13 US service personnel, Biden apparently also decided to disrespect their memory and their families – or maybe he did it unconsciously or semi-consciously – when their remains were brought to Dover Air Base in Delaware on Monday.

Media already photographed Biden checking his watch during the ceremony to honor the fallen American heroes – but two fathers of slain Marines said he was doing that the entire time, after every single casket.

Both parents – Lance Corporate Jared Schmitz’s father, Mark Schmitz, and Staff Sgt Darin Taylor Hoover Jr’s father, Darin Hoover – told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that Biden’s behavior during the honoring ceremony for their slain sons was inadequate.

And then: ‘the most disrespectful thing’ ever

As Biden talked to at least some of the parents of the 13 killed US troops, Hoover himself said he refused to meet with the disastrous Democrat president who practically caused his son’s death.

Schmitz said he did meet with Biden, deeming he owed it to his fallen son; however, he was very disappointed in the meeting, saying Sleepy Joe during meeting spent more time discussing the fate of his own son, late Beau Biden, than about the fallen hero in question, Jared Schmitz.

Hoover in turn said Biden would check his watch at every single salute after every single casket with the remains of the killed US warriors was brought down from the plane.

Hoover was shaken from “seeing that and the disrespect” on Biden’s part for the fallen young American heroes.

Schmitz in turn after the fourth time Biden checked his watch, just couldn’t look at him anymore since that was “the most disrespectful thing” that he had ever seen.

When he was and is aware of it or not, Biden has certainly added lots of insult of irreparable loss and injury.

It is just absolutely disheartening to think that the man who is supposed to be the “leader” of the Free World is capable of all these monstrosities.