This must be one of Sleepy Joe Biden’s many happy dreams – there’s a lot of them because of his frequent drifting – and he’s made it come true: an Afghanistan fully in the hands of the murderous radical Islamists that are the Taliban, fully armed with top-notch US military, and seemingly allied with China!

That’s gotta be good for America, right?!

Imagine that!

Hardly anybody thought it possible a mere few months ago, or just weeks ago.

Who would’ve thought that America might have a leadership that stupid to arm the Taliban and put them in control of Afghanistan and nod grinningly on the sidelines as they become best buds with China!?

Biden and his radicalizing leftist gang administration managed to get it done.

Sure, he had to sacrifice a lot on America’s behalf – ruining US security credibility, humiliating the nation, getting some Marines and Afghan civilians killed – but, hey, that’s a small price to pay for an Islamist Afghanistan allied with China!

‘The enjoyable moment of victory’

As the last US military plane left Kabul Airport on Monday, even ahead of schedule – because, you know, when you’ve got a deal with Islamist extremist murderers, you just got to keep it, and more! – the official Twitter account of the Taliban tweeted that their country has “gained full independence.”

(Yes, you are right to notice, America’s 45th President Donald Trump can’t be on Twitter but the Taliban are allowed to. It’s all part of the radical leftism – big tech alliance which seemingly deems radical Islamism to be okay. For two reasons: because it’s radical, and because it hates America.)

Early on Tuesday, as the Taliban occupied the airport in Kabul, Taliban spokesman Zabinullah Mujahid declared this to be “the enjoyable moment of victory.”

Mujahid expectedly went on to humiliate America – which is okay because it is being ruled by a world-class masochist in Biden’s face – by declaring that the United States were unable to achieve their goal by means of “military operations.”

China is adding insult to injury, no surprises there

Meanwhile, China also popped up its anti-American head, taking advantage of the situation and swooping in to extract its own benefits from America’s self-inflicted, or, rather, Biden-inflicted self-humiliation.

And while the PRC might end up literally extracting a lot of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth for its own benefit, its most tangible benefits here are clearly the undermining of American security credibility – which is crucial to the top US allies in the Indo-Pacific region – as well as raising its own profile as a global power equal or even grander than America.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday called upon the international community to “actively guide” the new Taliban government of Afghanistan.

Interestingly enough, Wang’s call for engagement with the Taliban as a legitimate state came in a phone call with Biden’s utterly pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

This much was announced by the Chinese Foreign Ministry itself in a statement.

Wang went further to add insult to injury by calling upon the United States to actually help the new regime of the Islamist murderers.

Just as well – Biden has become good buddies with them, and he has already proven himself masochistic.

The Chinese Foreign Minister, however, didn’t stop here.

He went all the way, in essence scolding the “hasty withdrawal” of America because it could let terrorist groups regroup and grow stronger – which it almost certainly will.

It’s beyond amazing all the damage that Biden and his gang have done with America’s pullout from Afghanistan, especially the way they did it.

Generations of Americans will be paying the price for that.