If Joe Biden or anybody else supporting him thought that he would remain good and mutually respected buddies with the Taliban after bestowing upon them the entire country of Afghanistan and $85 billion worth of military equipment – well, they have another thing coming.

The murderous radical Islamists that are the Taliban despise America, the West, and Christianity to their very core, and it was only natural for them to mock the losers from the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

Let’s not kid ourselves: we are the losers, we, the United States of America, and all of our allies who had our back in Afghanistan.

But also let’s keep in mind that we are the losers simply because of the sleepy, senile man in the White House and his jackal aides – not because the American military and our allies’ forces aren’t the best in the world and the most valiant.

It’s all because Biden defeated America, the greatest power to have ever existed on planet Earth.

And America defeated itself the moment it let him occupy the White House.

Burying America and NATO

Why would the Taliban abstain from mocking America and its allies after Biden himself, the supposed “leader” of the Free World himself made a mockery out of it?!

Of course, they wouldn’t, especially after the unbelievably disgraceful way in which Biden removed US troops and left it all in the hands of the Taliban.

So of course, the murderous Taliban terrorists would have a little fun: on Tuesday, the Taliban held actual mock funerals for the forces of the US, the UK, France, and NATO as a whole, with thousands flocking to the streets of the largest Afghan cities to enjoy the “West’s” funeral processions and to celebrate the end of the 20-years war with the United States.

Barely two weeks after anti-Taliban protests in the Afghan city of Khost, the Taliban paraded through its streets coffins draped with the flags of the US, the UK, and France as well as NATO insignia.

In the second-largest city in Afghanistan, Kandahar, the spiritual capital of the Taliban, large crowds were waving Taliban flags in celebration of what was described as “independence day.”

As the last US plane left Kabul late on Monday night, the Afghan capital itself was rocked by fireworks and celebratory gunfire.

Biden was the Taliban’s greatest weapon even if they don’t admit it

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid spoke at Kabul airport on Tuesday morning lauding the Islamist “victory” as he was surrounded by fully US-clad Taliban special forces from the so-called Badri 313 Battalion.

Mujahid called it a “historical day and a historical moment since the Taliban in his words “liberated” the country “from a great power.”

He then rubbed the “victory”, which is solely due to Biden’s stupidity and lack of will, in America’s face, claiming that it’s a “big lesson” for potential “other invaders.”

At Kabul airport, the Taliban paraded their special forces, while senior leaders took photos before captured aircraft, as Mujahid claimed the Taliban “liberated” themselves single-handedly.

At Bagram airbase, its new Taliban commander, Maulawi Hafiz Mohibullah Muktaz, who is 35-year-old, went further by telling the UK paper The Times that the Taliban managed to “beat a superpower like America” using “just our Kalashnikovs” and their faith.

But most of all, even if they don’t admit it, the main weapon the Taliban used to win in Afghanistan was the senile, delusional old man in the White House.