As the government of Afghanistan collapsed in no time having been abandoned by Democrat President Joe Biden with his hastily put pullout, the Taliban offered the US to take control of Kabul – an option which would have made the evacuation a lot easier – but Sleepy Joe turned them down, according to a report by The Washington Post.

Because… why not turn such an offer down?

How else would Biden ever betray America?

Humiliation for America, tears of joy for the Taliban

Even the liberal leftist propaganda stooge that is The Washington Post seems indignant about it as it reports on yet another missed opportunity to end the war in Afghanistan with at least a tiny shred of dignity for America.

The report cites an unnamed US official as saying that US military leaders met with the Taliban after Afghanistan’s good-for-nothing president Ashraf Ghani escaped from the country and there were gangs starting to take over the city.

According to the official, Taliban political leader Mollah Baradar said to the US representatives that there are two options for dealing with the situation: either the US should secure Kabul, or it should leave that to the Taliban.

With Biden dead set on humiliating America as much as he could, the US leadership chose to let the Taliban have it and arranged with them only that it would assume control of the airport and just for the period until the end of August.

The WaPo report states that neither the Taliban had any intention of taking control of Kabul, nor had the US expected it before Afghan President Ghani fled – several top US officials, including, apparently, Biden’s pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken, were reportedly on vacation at the time.

As chaos began to unfold when Ghani escaped, somebody had to take charge of Kabul, and Biden of course gave it all up to the Taliban.

According to the report, that was a big surprise for Muhammad Nasir Haqqani, the Taliban military commander, as he had been waiting for instructions when reaching the city with his men.

Given the go-ahead by the Biden administration, they went in and took the presidential palace in less than one hour.

The Post cited him as saying that they didn’t encounter “a single soldier or police,” and most of his troops “were crying” of joy as they never thought they could take Kabul so quickly.

Psaki doesn’t know – when has she ever?

Asked about The Washington Post report of the Taliban offering the US control of Kabul, Biden’s clueless press secretary Jen Psaki pretended to not having read it.

She said she has “not seen this reporting” and would “have to look at it.”

At least Biden’s disastrous chief of staff, Ron Klain, appears undeniably familiar with it because he retweeted a tweet commenting on the report and defending the decision to abandon Kabul.

If Biden had secured Kabul, that would have saved numerous lives during the evacuation and the US would have been spared the vast global humiliation of the world watching the horrifying scenes of people scared to death and crowding to the airport to escape from the niceties of the Taliban.

But Biden’s goal was never to save America from humiliation – just the opposite.