At the stroke of a pen, Democrat President Joe Biden made the radical Islamist Taliban one of the best-equipped militaries in the world, with the abandonment of an estimated $85 billion worth of top-notch US-made military equipment.

All of that was seized by the murderous pro-terrorist group thanks to Biden’s horribly organized and ultimately extremely humiliating withdrawal.

The overwhelming amount of it was supplied by the United States to the cowardly and ungrateful Afghan military which crumbled in no time – although it would not have had if even a token US force had remained in the country just to provide assurance, so that, too, is on Biden.

However, there is also at least some military equipment abandoned by the US forces themselves because of the botched, badly organized withdrawal.

Get back every penny of bomb it all!

President Donald Trump already spoke out on this and was of course right that such disgrace and such arming of the murderous Taliban would never have occurred had he been in the White House.

On Monday, as the last US military planes left Kabul airport and the country of Afghanistan, Trump spoke out once again, offering the best, most prudent, and most dignified course of action: get the Taliban to give back to America all military equipment that they have seized – once again, worth a whopping $85 billion.

And if the radical Islamists wouldn’t return it, the US should “bomb the hell out of it,” so they can never make use of it, Trump recommended in a special statement.

The 45th President of the United States also declared what the whole world knows: namely, that no military withdrawal in world history has been “handled so badly or incompetently” as the Afghanistan pullout engineered by Sleepy Joe Biden and his radicalizing leftist gang of an administration.

Trump insisted the US must get back “every penny of the $85 billion dollars in cost”.

And “if it’s not handed back”, he added, the US military should go in and get it by force, or “at least” bomb it and render it useless.

POTUS 45 was positive that “nobody ever thought” that “such stupidity…was possible” as “this feeble-brained” withdrawal.

Although, to be fair what else but “feeble-brained” could really be expected from a seemingly senile man in the White House?

More Black Hawks than 85% of all countries

While there have been comments in the mainstream media that the Taliban don’t have the training and skills needed to use the more sophisticated US-made equipment, that is proving wrong as a number of trained former members of the Afghan military appear to have joined their ranks.

A 2017 report by the US government’s Accountability Office said that between 2013 and 2016 the supplied the Afghan military with more than 75,000 vehicles, 208 aircraft, and 600,000 weapons systems.

Trump ally Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), who is a former Navy SEAL, recently told the American public that the Taliban now has more Black Hawk choppers than 85% of the world’s countries.

They have Joe Biden to thank for all of that, and it doesn’t seem likely that the Biden administration would take President Trump’s advice.