The sick and vile ideology of transgenderism, which is trying to completely annihilate the truth about men and women and their real sexes, has been granted that perverse chance under the administration of Sleepy Joe Biden.

Transgenderism has run amok under Sleepy Joe

The ideology and its promotion by radical leftists and Marxists, whose ultimate goal is America’s subjugation and destruction, have brought this nation to a situation in which it is “okay” for men to pretend to be women in order to get into women’s bathrooms and to compete on women’s sports team – where they have a natural advantage.

Heck, it’s enough for men just to claim that they are women – and they become women, under the evil transgenderist ideology, which is a brand of extremely perverted Marxism.

Where did feminism and women’s rights go, even radical feminism – where are they in the mindset and the agenda of the Marxists?

It’s gone, left in the past – it just isn’t radical and destructive enough for today’s leftist wannabe totalitarians!

They want to push the limits of reality and absurdity in order to terrorize as much as possible the normal, patriotic, law-abiding Americans with their transgenderism and wokeism.

Luckily, there are still brave and patriotic American leaders left who are willing to put their heads on the line in order to defend the truth, sanity, and dignity of the great American nation.

A total of 20 Republican-led states now have launched a lawsuit about the transgenderist Biden administration in order to block its sick and wrong federal directives granting “transgender” people the same protections under sex discrimination legislation.

The patriotic conservative effort is spearheaded by Herbert Slatery, the Attorney General of Tennessee.

Slatery filed the lawsuit in the US District Court in Knoxville, with the clear argument that the Biden administration has had two federal agencies changing the law – which could only be done by the US Congress.

Two executive bodies are trying to decide for the American public

The 20 attorneys general are mounting a well-grounded challenge to the actions of the Biden Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Under Biden, the two bodies have issued guidance proclaiming the “right” of males declaring themselves to be women to participate in women’s sports, to use women’s bathrooms, and to use whatever the hell kind of made-up pronouns they would like to use.

Biden’s Department of Education and the EEOC have used a decision by the US Supreme Court in the case of Bostock v. Clayton County – which says that employers cannot fire workers over gender identity of sexuality.

The Republican states’ lawsuit, however, argues that Bostock v. Clayton County was a “narrow decision”, that it was restricted to the termination of employment, and cannot refer to all other cases in which discrimination is alleged.

The 20 attorneys general emphasize that the two agencies “have no authority to resolve” such “sensitive questions”, and even less so to do it by executive decrees in which the public has had no participation.

The 20 states backing the lawsuit are Alaska, Tennessee, Alabama, Montana, Georgia, Arizona, Idaho, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Montana, Nebraska, West Virginia, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.