Democrat President Joe Biden was really out of it on Tuesday, together with his speechwriters, as he delivered his first address since removing every last US soldier from Afghanistan in a highly disastrous and humiliating effort, which was the bringing into power of the radical Islamist Taliban and “arming” them with seized US-made equipment worth $85 billion.

His evacuation would’ve always been a failure, Biden says and Americans should agree

Somehow Sleepy Joe managed to claim three mutually exclusive things in his address: that the evacuation of Americans and US allies from Afghanistan would have been chaos whenever it may have been started, that the withdrawal has been a big success and that it is all the fault of the previous administration of President Donald Trump.

Perhaps Biden’s most scandalous claim – alongside the one that Trump is all to blame – was the denial that the evacuation could have been carried out in a “more orderly manner” – he said he “respectfully” disagrees with that.

Or he might just be right: he probably meant that anything under his “leadership” would have been botched anyway – even if it had started six months ago and with hundreds of thousands of US boots on the ground, even if the Taliban and ISIS were never around, Sleepy Joe would still have excelled at finding a way to mess it up.

The Democrat president touted that the evacuation of over 120,000 people was one of the largest airlifts in history, and promised that his administration would keep working to get out Americans and Afghan US allies – which amounts to almost nothing considering how it was done until now.

For the speech, Biden might as well have been pumped on stimulants because it came out as passionate as he could possibly deliver it as he was gripping the podium and waving his hands as he was speaking.

Despite reporters shouting their questions, Sleepy Joe refused to take any.

Describing his disastrous pullout as an “extraordinary success”, he blamed “the previous administration” for leaving him with two choices: exiting Afghanistan or “escalating the conflict” and committing tens of thousands of more troops – which was nowhere near actually being the case but is just a bad justification for his failures.

Biden further argued that his August 31 withdrawal deadline was not “arbitrary” but was specially “designed to save American lives” – never mind the lives of the 13 US troops lost in the ISIS-K terrorist attack at Kabul airport last week.

So many excuses, all of them terribly wrong

Sleepy Joe also argued that, as he came to office, the Taliban has gotten to be in their “strongest military position since 2001” – which is ridiculous considering that they got in that position precisely after he came to office, thanks to his own blunders, and he has now managed to strengthen them beyond their wildest dreams.

Biden also justified his fiasco that he called an “extraordinary success” through by saying that the assumption that the 300,000-strong Afghan military and the Afghan government would hold their ground “turned out not to be accurate” – but the only reason for that is precisely his all-out pullout as even token forces of a few hundred US troops left in Afghanistan at virtually no cost would have stood for America’s security commitment and would have easily prevented that.

Finally, Biden argued that his catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan is about focusing on dealing with China and Russia – as though he has had so much success there and has been projecting anything other than cluelessness and weakness.

His podium-clutching speech wasn’t enough so after it, Biden, or, rather, his aides, took to Twitter on his behalf to declare from his account that he doesn’t “believe” that continuing to deploy troops in Afghanistan would enhance “the safety and security of America.”

In this line of thought, the Biden administration apparently thinks that the takeover of the fully armed Taliban who hosted al-Qaeda prior to 9/11 certainly will do that!