Democrat President Joe Biden has not only been committing blunder after blunder in Afghanistan with both the US withdrawal and the botched evacuation – but he has also, apparently, been lying about his justification and awareness, it appears.

Speaking on Tuesday in an address on the completion of the utterly catastrophic withdrawal, Biden argued that his decision for following through with the total pullout from Afghanistan was largely based on the estimate, or, rather, the “assumption,” that the Afghan military was going to be able to “hold on” for a much longer period, and would just remain a “strong adversary” for the Taliban “in their civil war.”

Sleepy Joe then emphasized that the assumption in question “turned out not to be accurate.”

‘Whether it’s true or not’

A report by Reuters, however, points out that Biden must have been highly aware that the Afghan military was about to crumble as recently as the last week of July – of course, keeping in mind that nobody really knows what 78-year-old Sleepy Joe may or may not be aware of considering his senility and perhaps dementia.

A transcript of a phone call reviewed by Reuters, which Biden had with the now-former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, another cunning coward, on July 23, paints the picture of a Biden seeking to mask or cover up the imminent collapse of the Afghan military.

In it, Biden urged Ghani – who himself fled with some $200 million in cash on August 15, as the Taliban were coming close to Kabul – to work to “change the perception” that the Taliban were winning the war.

In fact, Biden told Ghani to change the public “perception” about the advance of the Taliban no matter “whether it is true or not,” a completely dishonest deception.

The call indicates that while Biden didn’t think that the Taliban would conquer Kabul quickly – because Ghani apparently hadn’t told him he was going to flee cowardly, and it was his flight that precipitated the ultimate collapse of the Afghan government.

However, the Democrat president was clearly in the know how bad the Afghan forces were doing against the murderous radical Islamist Taliban.

Let’s just change the narrative – regardless of reality

Biden explicitly told Ghani that seeming “things are not going well” and “there is a need” to “project a different picture.”

When the call was made, the Taliban were already in control of about half of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals.

Biden urged Ghani to announce a new military strategy at a press conference, and promised that – as he was pulling out all American forces – he was going to continue to “fight hard” for the survival of the Afghan government “diplomatically, politically, economically.”

In another call with Ghani later the same day, Biden’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, said basically the same thing – that “we need to collectively” change the “perception” or “narrative” that the Taliban was winning.

Clearly, the Biden administration had a clear idea of how bad the situation was on the ground in Afghanistan.