Burn in hell!' slain Marine's sister yells at Biden - and he certainly will, for getting 13 US troops and numerous Afghans killed and so much more

It isn’t often that those in power – shielded from the public through praetorian guards and countless aides and protégés – get to hear the truth about themselves from same “masses” whose well-being they are theoretically entrusted with.

This time there was no escaping being touched by the masses

Democrat President Joe Biden has done all sorts of insanities since occupying the White House barely seven months back.

Now, Biden is typically so shielded from the public that he hardly ever even takes questions from White House reporters – which is understandable considering his seemingly senile and likely medically demented condition.

However, the apocalypse that he and his radical leftist aides caused single-handedly in Afghanistan – of which the killing of the 13 US troops by Islamist terrorists from ISIS last week is just the tip of the iceberg – has been so horrendous that this time he was forced to interact with some members of the public.

Namely, the grieving relatives of the 11 US servicemen and 2 servicewomen whose deaths, heroic and patriotic as they were, were totally needless, and avoidable, and fully caused by Biden’s blunders.

Of course, 78-year-old Democrat establishment politician Joe Biden is so spineless and impudent, to the extent he’s even aware of anything at this point, that he completely disrespected the public when the remains of the fallen American heroes were brought to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

Biden disrespected the memory of the troops and their families by checking his watch at every single casket, two of the fathers of fallen Marines revealed – and even the liberal leftist mainstream media got snapshots of that.

He got hear the truth

However, Biden at least got to hear the truth.

The truth about what he did and what real hard-working, tax-paying Americans think of him.

“I hope you burn in hell!” yelled at him Roice McCollum, the sister of slain Marine Rylee McCollum. “

That was my brother!” the girl screamed, with other relatives revealing that Biden “wouldn’t even look” them in the eye.

Roice McCollum shouted at Biden to burn in hell as her family was leaving – and he certainly will for getting killed her brother, the other US troops, and the numerous Afghan civilians with his utterly botched evacuation from Kabul airport.

Unfortunately, in Biden’s frequently semi-conscious condition, it is always doubtful how much of what’s happening around him he actually is aware of at any given moment.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial that the truth about his deeds and what awaits him has reached him through the voice of the killed Marine’s sister – and this time the Secret Service or the repugnant White House press secretary Jen Psaki couldn’t shield his sinful being from it.

Even so, however, the truth reaching him isn’t that much of a consolation for the American public, considering that Biden is likely to be around for a while, and together with aides, he will have the chance to do a lot more damage to the American people and their nation, freedom, and democracy.

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