By now it has become painfully clear that countless human souls have been left out to dry by Joe Biden thanks to his completely disastrous pullout from Afghanistan and the haphazard, horribly organized evacuation of Americans and US allies.

Biden’s airlift removed about 123,000 people from Afghanistan between the end of July and August 31, the vast majority of them Afghans, thanks to the heavy lifting done by the US military which lost 13 of its finest in the ISIS terrorist attack last week.

Getting left behind by Sleepy Joe Biden

Nevertheless, the number of Afghans who sided with America and the West in the past 20 years, and who couldn’t make it out of the country because of Biden’s mismanagement, can hardly be estimated.

They have been left in the claws of the bloodthirsty radical Islamist beasts that have been allowed by the “leader” of the Free World to take over Afghanistan, and have only to look forward to torture and death, or a lifetime of hiding in the best-case scenario.

Back in February 2008, then-US Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, another Democrat Senator, John Kerry of Massachusetts, and Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska were in grave danger as during a visit in Afghanistan their helicopter had to make an emergency landing in a fierce snowstorm.

An Afghan interpreter named only as Mohammed, who helped save the three US Senators at the time, has now been quoted by The Wall Street Journal as pleading with Biden: “Mr. President, save me and my family! Don’t forget me here!”

Mohammed has applied for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) from the US government but the contractor that he worked for lost his records.

Army veteran, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Till, praised Mohammed’s “selfless” service to the US military in writing in support of his SIV application.

However, when the interpreter, now 36, who helped save Joe Biden’s life in 2008, managed to get to the airport in Kabul during the chaotic evacuation, he was told by US troops that he could get in but only without his wife and children.

Having no way of abandoning them, he returned to his home but has told the WSJ that he lives in fear for his life, and cannot leave the house because he might get caught by the Taliban, Biden’s newly found buddies.

Don’t worry – we’ll get you out in the ‘diplomatic phase’

The White House’s pathetic press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that Mohammed will be saved from the Taliban during the “diplomatic phase” of the evacuation, now that all US troops have left the country.

That remains highly dubious considering that it is all left to the goodwill of the bloodthirsty Taliban – and even if the Biden administration gets them to allow more US-allied Afghans to leave Afghanistan, which is a very long shot now, chances are that Mohammed might get caught, tortured and killed way before that.

And he has only Joe Biden to thank for that.

Ironically, all three Senators that the young Afghan man helped rescue in 2008 in a valley near the Bagram airbase, at a spot close to a frontline of fighting with the Taliban, later became key figures in the Obama administration.

Biden became vice president, Chuck Hagel – secretary of defense, and John Kerry – secretary of state.

To help Mohammed for giving them the chance to rise to such positions, Biden first made it so that he couldn’t leave Afghanistan with his wife and kids, and then so that he is stuck in his home fearing that he might get caught by the Taliban at any given moment.