An advanced degree in hypocrisy must have been the single and most fundamental qualification required for becoming a senior member of the Biden administration – because that is the main activity that it appears to be engaged with the entire time.

Among those, Biden’s extremely pathetic and obnoxious White House press secretary Jen Psaki, in particular, must be a tenured professor of hypocrisy – her double standards and total lack of morals whatsoever are practically in anything she says.

It’s private!

In one of the most shockingly ironic cases of her messing up, Psaki has exposed her own stupefying hypocrisy – and she did it by writing an anti-Trump tweet back in 2019!

It is just that now, in her capacity as the press secretary of the Biden White House, has refused to give any information and has overall downplayed the leaked transcript of Sleepy Joe Biden’s last conversation with Afghanistan’s equally cowardly now-former President Ashraf Ghani.

And in 2019, back then a contributor of the radical leftist propaganda powerhouse CNN, Psaki wrote exactly the opposite in a tweet over the leaked conversation of then-President Donald Trump with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky – which was later used as an excuse by the Democrats in the House of Representatives to vote for Trump’s impeachment.

The transcript from the presidential call on July 23, three weeks before Ghani fled Afghanistan leading to the collapse of its government and the Taliban conquest of the entire country, was leaked by Reuters.

It shows that Biden was aware that the war was going terribly for the Afghan military, with the Taliban gaining traction rapidly.

Biden, while not expecting that Ghani would flee and the Taliban would take over so soon – all because of his own botched withdrawal and abandonment of Afghanistan, also pushed the disgraced Afghan leader to try to project a different “perception” of the situation “whether it’s true or not.”

Biden clearly sought to use that to mislead the American public about the situation in Afghanistan in order to be able to complete his pullout without criticism – which has backfired horribly.

When she was asked about the transcript on Wednesday, Psaki obnoxiously refused to “get into private, diplomatic conversations” – as though Joe Biden is some “private” person, and not the president of the United States.

However, she argued that nobody “anticipated” the collapse of Afghanistan and that the content of the leaked call “is consistent” with the administration’s calls at the time that the Afghan government must hold out – a statement amounting to next to nothing considering how Biden played the situation and the disastrous results.

In 2019 it was all about ‘transparency’

Back in 2019, CNN contributor Jen Psaki, however, called for all-out transparency about the leaked conversation between Biden and Zelensky – later used as a pretext by the Democrats to vote for Trump’s impeachment as they held a simple majority required for such a vote.

Not to mention the fact that Trump was asking Zelensky to investigate the scandalous Ukrainian dealings of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, who was appointed on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma with a monthly salary of $50,000 without having any qualifications in the energy field.

Of course, Psaki back then didn’t even mention that.

Instead, she argued on Twitter that “we need” not just the phone transcript by a “whistleblower complaint” which would “have more details.”

So when it’s about Donald Trump, Psaki wanted everything on the table and out in the open – even made-up stuff that didn’t even happen.

And when it’s about her boss Joe Biden, it’s just a private affair.

So much for Psaki’s prior lies about the unconditional honesty and transparency of the Biden administration.