Guess who just gave $500,000 to Gavin Newsom in the fight against recall?

The radicalizing liberal left along the West Coast is not only shrinking in horror that their incompetent, goody-goody Governor of the state of California Gavin Newsom is going to get canned in the September 14 recall election.

The Marxists-R-Us are even more horrified that Newsom might be replaced by a real American patriot and a true conservative such as Larry Elder, the Republican frontrunner in the race.

On top of everything, Elder is a black conservative and his success would defy and disprove the sickening Democrat-Marxist narrative in every way possible.

Soros is still around and tirelessly working to destroy the West

A Newsom loss on Sept. 14 would have not just practical implications about the left being able to spend lavishly state funding but it will also roll back the leftism dystopia in which the Democratic Party has been seeking to turn California into, with skyrocketing crime, liberal fascism attacking people in the streets because of their beliefs, taxing the hell out of everything, and propagating against the essence of the United States of America.

An entire cohort of Hollywood directors, producers and actors and as well as singers and the music industry have already rallied to pour cash into pro-Newsom groups for fear that their radicalizing leftism and Marxism could be dealt a heavy blow.

But that’s certainly not enough for the Marxist camp – so guess who has reared his really ugly old wokeist and transgenderist head?

No other than a good ol’ hater of America, the West, Christianity, the nation, and the family George Soros.

Soros is the well-known leftist billionaire – whatever the hell that is! – who has been throwing money at everything all over the West as long as it offers to decay Western nation-states – long the envy of the entire world, attacks Christianity, and makes sure to make up more and more perverted “genders” and “gender relations” and “transgender identities” targeting the innocent children of the West.

Financial disclosure records cited by Fox News show that on Monday 91-year-old West-hater gave another $500,000 to efforts to defend Gavin Newsom.

More specifically, Soros donated to an organization called “Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom”, having previously given it another $500,000, thus rounding up his pro-Newsom donation to $1 million.

Larry Trump. What an insult!

Newsome has thus been enjoying a tremendous fundraising advantage over Larry Elder and the other challengers – yet, money doesn’t make right, and leftists are still waking up all in cold sweat in the middle of the night over the prospects that a black American man, who is a passionate patriot and conservative, might get to lead what is still America’s most populous and richest state.

As per the rules of the California recall, on September 14 voters will be asked two questions: first, whether they would like Newsom to be recalled, and second, who they think should replace him.

If more than 50% of the voters answer “yes” to the first question, then the bidder with the highest number of votes on the second question gets to become the new governor of the state.

In a fundraising email sent last Monday, Newsom referred to Elder as “Larry Trump” – as though a comparison to President Trump is a bad thing.

The LA Times recently declared Elder to be a “black white supremacist.”

Clearly, the lefties are scared s*** of him.

The people of California deserve a real governor with a spine, values, and common sense, and Elder is miles ahead of Newsom or anything the left has to offer in that regard.

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