Nobody knows how many “unbelievables” the Biden administration has up its senile, radical leftist-Marxist sleeves – but there certainly are a lot of them, and they are boiling over with incredible, shameless, anti-American hypocrisy.

In the world of Democrat liberal leftists there are no moral standards, just double standards; in the world of Marxism of its various subspecies there is no reality, objectivity, and honesty: duplicity and hypocrisy are the rules of the game.

And the greater and more monstrous these are, the better they serve the goals of terrorizing the American public in order to intimidate it more and more until a totalitarian Marxist dystopia of unbridled wokeism and transgenderism is established to rule over it.

Biden administration secures Tajik border while keeping open the US border

The Biden administration has already committed incredible treason by letting anybody who so wishes cross the US-Mexican border and settle into the United States – provided, of course, that they come from a Third World country – if they are from some of the Western US allies in Europe, for example, all kinds of COVID-19 and other restrictions apply.

This has achieved the double purpose of demoralizing and disheartening true American patriots while potentially swelling the number of future Democrat voters as the feudally Marxist Democrat Party claims a monopoly over all people of color.

Biden and the Democrat gang have already managed to bring more than 200,000 Latin American settlers into the United States per month!

Then the Biden administration perpetrated the Afghanistan betrayal, surrendering the country to radical Islamists, the Taliban after America spent 20 years fighting them.

This, among its other ramifications, is leading to the resettlement of fresh Third World populations in the US.

However, there is also another, even more hypocritical link between these two acts of treason.

The US Embassy in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, a former Soviet Central Asian country directly bordering Afghanistan, has announced that – now that Biden single-handedly caused the collapse of the Afghan government – the United States is going to build facilities on Tajikistan’s border with the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in order to protect the former from the latter!

Imagine that: Joe Biden stopped the construction of the wall on the US border with Mexico immediately after he set foot in the White House – and the Democrats and their radical leftist extremist activists have been propagating the influx of Latin Americans as a great thing, and “canceling” everybody who dares to speak out in defense of America’s sovereignty.

President Joe Biden of Tajikistan

At the same time, however, the US under Biden is moving to boost the security of Tajikistan’s border with Afghanistan – perhaps feeling some smidgen of guilt over how it just brought down the Afghan government by completely abandoning it.

According to the announcement of the US Embassy in Dushanbe, cited by Reuters, the new US-funded border facility will allow Tajikistan’s border guards to deploy their forces faster to the border “in response to threats.”

Tajikistan has declared its readiness to accept 100,000 refugees from Afghanistan.

What’s especially striking, however, is that Tajikistan has on its soil Russian military bases, which Moscow recently reinforced, and is a member of a Russian-dominated post-Soviet security organization.

The Biden administration worries about the border security of Tajikistan, to defend it from the Taliban and a potential exodus of Afghans (many of whom are actually ethnic Tajiks, by the way), while at the same time completely keeping the US-Mexican border open to whoever wants to settle in our country.

Apparently, Joe Biden, in another bout of seeming dementia, considers himself to be the president of Tajikistan.