Really bizarre events are happening on the international arena these days, now that Sleepy Joe Biden and his leftist bunch have started to feel comfy enough in the White House and the Cabinet’s defense and state departments.

For one thing, the greatest military power that the world has seen, ever, comparatively, in all ages, surrendered to a gang of rag-wearing radical Islamists in the mountains of Central Asia, after fighting them successfully for 20 years, and by using only a fraction of its military muscle (for those who don’t remember, the biggest surge of US troops in Afghanistan was 98,000).

For another, the political force that made that possible – the Democrat Biden administration, and which decided to surrender to those Islamist misfortunes, the Taliban – has now struck something like a partnership with them.

How deep is Biden in with the Taliban, really?

One can understand the Islamists: the Taliban gladly cooperated as they were given the country without a fight – Biden’s abandonment of Afghanistan caused the collapse of the shaky Afghan government – plus about $85 billion worth of US-made top-notch military equipment that they seized.

So they figured they would sort of cooperate with the Biden administration during the botched evacuation – which doesn’t mean that the Taliban didn’t mock America as Biden made it the laughing stock of the world with the entire debacle.

Probably because of all the public outrage in the USA, the US military disabled all aircraft that were left at Kabul airport as the last US soldier left Afghanistan on the evening of August 30.

And guess what – the Taliban is feeling “betrayed” and “angry” after finding that the total of 73 helicopters and planes left there were “demilitarized,” reported Al Jazeera whose reporter toured the airport in Kabul after the withdrawal.

Imagine how self-confident the impudent Taliban has grown thanks to Biden’s decision to collaborate with it!

So much so that they think the disabling of their additional military equipment bounty is a betrayal.

Well, welcome to the club, Taliban – so many Americans are feeling utterly betrayed by Biden and his administration – but, unlike you, they are rightfully indignant.

According to the Al Jazeera report, the Taliban had the expectation that the US troops would leave the helicopters operational “for their use.”

Why would they think that?

Was there some kind of a deeper arrangement, even an alliance that Biden made with the murderous Islamist terrorist buddies?

Doing much better than many NATO member states

The Taliban told the reporter that they thought that since they are now the government of Afghanistan, the aircraft there would have been a “national asset” and they could have been “of great use to us.”

The report further described the Taliban’s hurt feelings: disappointed, angry, betrayed.

The liberal left should really stop with this “hurt feelings” thing – now they exported it even to the Taliban!

The Daily Mail estimates that with their 48 aircraft at present, the Taliban have a larger Air Force than 10 out of a total of 30 NATO member states.

The number is substantially smaller than the 108 helicopters and 59 planes the Afghan military had before collapsing – but it is the largest air force of a radical Islamist militia ever in the world.

And that’s all thanks to Sleepy Joe Biden – so while we can understand that Taliban’s feelings are hurt – Biden does that, he really did it with the relatives of the 13 slain US troops – they should get over it because they have more aircraft than 10 of the US-allied NATO member states.