The Supreme Court of the United States just gave American conservatives a small but significant hope by letting Texas’ new abortion law stand – the radicalizing leftist Democrats, including clueless Joe Biden and liberal self-perceived royalty Nancy Pelosi, have gone rabid with rage, and have vowed to use the federal government and Congress in order to forcibly prevent states from adopting abortion bans.

The sore loser reactions by both Biden and Pelosi came after the US Supreme Court voted 5-4 in order to deny an appeal from abortion clinics to sideline the new Texas state law, which bans abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy, thus allowing the legislation to enter into force on Wednesday.

Biden’s the one talking about chaos!

While Biden and Pelosi’s ill-minded reactions were worded very aggressively, radical progressivist New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went even further by a berserk call for the Democrats to abolish the filibuster and start packing the court with liberal leftist justices.

The disrespect of all three of those deplorables (to quote Hillary Clinton, except these are indeed real deplorables, unlike the American people that she tried to insult a few years back) is unheard of considering that their positions in the executive and legislative branches of the US government.

Biden, or, rather, his staff on his behalf, issued a statement declaring that he is setting off a “whole-of-government” response against the ruling of the US Supreme Court in order to “preserve” the access to abortions in Texas.

He declared he is mobilizing his Office of the White House Counsel and Gender Policy Council, which would, in turn, get the health and justice departments to assess the “legal tools” that they have “to insulate women and providers” from the effects of “Texas’ bizarre scheme” (because of course, providers are crucial, they make money by killing unborn kids, and then give to the Democrats).

Here you have the president of the United States vowing to crack down on a state simply because he disagrees with its legislation allowed to stand by the Supreme Court!

Biden further claimed that the Texas law “unleashes unconstitutional chaos” – look who’s talking about chaos! – and is “an unprecedented assault” on what he calls a “woman’s constitutional rights under Roe v. Wade.”

The last time we checked for something to be “constitutional”, it had to be written in the actual Constitution – and the right to abort babies at will isn’t there – but, hey, Sleepy Joe must’ve slept through that one as well!

Biden further described abortion as “the most private and personal health decisions” of women – that’s all it is to them.

The female body is a consumerist commodity and it’s about its health.

What about the infant child waiting to be born out of his or her mother’s womb?

About the infant’s “health decisions” on not being murdered through scraping-out?

Pelosi decides single-handedly of American legislation

Nasty House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the self-perceived leftist empress, was maybe even more obnoxious on Friday – she just declared single-handedly that Congress is going to adopt legislation to cement the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which made abortion fully legal in the US.

Just like that, she decided on it on her own like some kind of a legislative dictator.

Pelosi vowed to put “Roe v. Wade codification” on the House agenda right after the recess in order to guarantee women access “to the reproductive health that they need” – again, evidently, scraping an infant off the inside of a woman’s womb is reproductive health.

AOC advocates the truly Marxist way of installing your own stooges

This outrage, however, wouldn’t have been complete without the reaction of one of the most malicious Democrats out there, “progressivist” America hater Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who, like any Marxist crook, wants to win by installing her own party stooges in the right place.

AOC declared that Republicans have overturned Roe v. Wade – which is hardly the case but she doesn’t care about the truth.

She called upon the Democrats to “abolish the filibuster” and pack the Supreme Court with their own kind (maybe deranged liberal leftist psychopaths like herself) because the “bodies, rights and lives” of people are being “sacrificed for far-right minority rule.”

AOC is either seeing things to claim things that aren’t there – or she is consciously lying through her expressive teeth.

The likes of Biden, Pelosi, and AOC are all about “bodies and rights” – just not those of the infant children who’ve never done any bad in this world and whom these three and their buddies want to allow to be scraped off from insider their mothers, just like that, on a whim.