It’s hardly surprising but Sleepy Joe Biden’s approval rating has slipped quite a bit in August against the backdrop of his catastrophic pullout from Afghanistan and the ensuing botched evacuation which cost the lives of 13 US troops and hundreds of Afghan civilians as the murderous radical Islamist Taliban were getting installed into power.

Steady drop for Sleepy Joe

A new edition of the monthly poll by NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist, whose results were announced on Thursday, shows that Biden has an approval rating of 43%, down from 49% a month ago, an overall decline of 6 percentage points.

The decline among independents who have a favorable view of Biden has slumped even more staggeringly, by 10 percentage points in a single month.

At the same time, however, Biden’s overall disapproval stands at 51%, the highest since he occupied the White House in January.

Unsurprisingly, the American public mostly thinks Biden’s handling of Afghanistan has been abysmal, with 61% disapproving of it, and only 32% approving.

With Biden’s incompetent and clueless ending, the poll found that only 20% consider the 20-year-long war in Afghanistan a success, while 72% consider it a failure.

What else could they consider it – given that Biden and his Democrat gang single-handedly caused the collapse of the Afghan government, presented the murderous radical Islamists that are the Taliban with all the power in the country, and left them to seize $85 billion worth of top-notch US-made military equipment.

That’s not even mentioning that an unknown number of American citizens, at least in the hundreds, have been left stranded in Afghanistan, as have been the vast majority of US Afghan allies who are now at the mercy of the Taliban murderers.

The tremendous humiliation, with 13 US troops killed by ISIS-K terrorists, and the whole world watching the gut-wrenching scenes of desperate people trampling one another to death as they were trying to reach the rescue of the Kabul airport will haunt America for decades to come, and America’s credibility with both its allies and enemies has largely been destroyed by the senile elderly man in the White House.

Polled against the backdrop of disastrous events

Considering other recent public opinion polls, Biden’s approval/disapproval stands at about 45%-49% on average, respectively, according to the estimate of RealClearPolitics, and at about 46%-48%, respectively, according to FiveThirtyEight.

The NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll got carried out between August 26 – the day of the ISIS-K terrorist attack at the Kabul airport which killed 13 US troops – and August 31, Biden’s much-touted deadline for withdrawal for Afghanistan.

The pollsters questioned a total of 1,241 adults nationwide, and the poll has a margin of error of 3.8 percentage points.

Against this backdrop of the recent events, it is striking and even suspicious that Biden’s ratings aren’t even lower.

However, they are still pretty abysmal considering their liberal leftist media sources.

In reality, the American public is likely even more disappointed with Biden and his administration – and very rightfully so.