The liberal leftist craze in America has turned so inhumane that it is now causing medical staff to deny medical treatment to people because of their political beliefs – and that has hardly ever happened in human history.

She defies their wokeist feudalism – so they hate her

The person affected in this particular case is a young, outspoken star of America’s conservative movement, Candace Owens.

Owens is incredibly hated by the vile liberal left and the various kinds of wokeists, transgenderists, and other Marxists because as a black woman who is also a brave American patriot and an eloquent conservative she defies the very gist of the misguided and spiteful wokeist theories of leftism which views both women and people of color as part of its feudal ideological property.

The monstrosity committed against Candace Owens has been revealed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his own “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the most-watched show on American television.

Apparently, Owens has been refused a test for COVID-19 by a medical laboratory because of public comments that she made on Tucker Carlson’s show.

What kind of an inhumane moron do you have to be – let alone if you are supposedly a medic – in order to deny anybody a test to find out if they have contracted COVID-19 so that they could start receiving potentially life-saving treatment?!

Who would be so horrible and absurd as a person, let alone a medic, so as to take such action that might as well be tantamount to murder?!

They don’t want to ‘support’ her

The answer was reported by Tucker Carlson on his show Thursday night when he revealed that an individual by the name of Suzanna Lee, a co-founder of Aspen Laboratories, sent Candace Owens a letter declaring that her booking for a test has been canceled by the lab.

Suzanna Lee further informed Owens that she is being “denied service” at the former’s laboratory because of what she has said about her opposition to mask mandates and her discussion of the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.

Lee states that her laboratory “cannot support” a person who “proactively worked to make this pandemic worse”, and accuses Owens of “spreading misinformation, politicizing, and discouraging” masks and vaccines.

It is beyond bewildering why Lee considers testing a human being to be a form of “support” for that person – but, hey, the mind of the liberal leftist Marxists isn’t exactly made of the same moral fiber as that of a regular, decent, and honest person.

It seems to be made of just fiber, without the moral part.

Even the evilest individuals in human history have never been denied medical service – as per the Hippocrates’ oath.

Liberal leftists and Marxists, however, seem to have taken a hypocrites’ oath, and nothing more, nothing less.

The utterly absurd situation has prompted Tucker Carlson to declare that this “doesn’t sound like America” – and it hardly sounds like humanity’s Planet Earth, either.

‘They are just sadists!’

When he asked Owens about her reaction to being denied medical services because of her political beliefs, she said she has no desire to get tested for COVID-19 but is forced to do so because of all the government restrictions placed on “bodily autonomy” – as she is unable to engage in regular activities such as travel and work without constantly proving her health status with tests.

When Carlson asked if the denial by Aspen Laboratories is legal, Owens responded that it isn’t “about health anymore,” it is “about politics.”

“These people are sadistic,” Owns said, adding that “they are sadists” who don’t care about public health but “like control” and wish to “manipulate you.”

She declared the situation with all the COVID-19 restrictions is “getting really, really dark” and urged the GOP members of Congress “who still have some power” to “stand up for their voters.”