A total of about 40,000 people, including US citizens, but the overwhelming majority being Afghan US allies, have arrived to America as a result of the botched evacuation from Afghanistan after the Democrat administration of Joe Biden caused the loss of the war, the collapse of the Kabul government, and the rise of the murderous radical Islamist Taliban.

‘Allies Welcome’ Operation

While nearly 123,000 people got airlifted in the frantic evacuation marred by desperation, violence, and a major terrorist attack by ISIS-K, which killed 13 US troops and at least 169 civilian Afghans, about 40,000 are already on US soil, according to Biden’s Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Clueless and arbitrary, Mayorkas has been a proponent of the unbridled influx of Central Americans and Mexicans in the US through the wide-open Southern border but has tried to reject real political asylum seekers fleeing from the violence of the Castro communist regime in Cuba.

Speaking on Friday together with an official from the Unified Coordination Group, Robert Fenton Jr., Mayorkas revealed “Operation Allies Welcome”, which has been invented by the Biden administration for the resettlement of Afghan evacuees.

The DHS secretary said all Afghans who have arrived on US soil are undergoing processing for resettlement throughout America.

They are presently being “vetted” in both the US, in a total of eight military bases hosting them, and in transit countries, to make sure that all of them are properly screened.


Mayorkas’ response to a Fox News reporter’s question revealed that some of the evacuated Afghans have been flagged during the vetting with “derogatory information.”

He added that the US government is figuring out what to do with such individuals in collaboration with the respective transit countries.

Biden’s DHS secretary, however, didn’t reveal how many Afghans have been flagged and where they are kept at present.

Mayorkas did disclose that a total of 400 officials of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Coast Guard, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are deployed as part of the vetting process.

The US government has also dispatched hundreds of biometric machines to support the vetting effort in transit countries.

Mayorkas declared that the Biden administration’s goal is to move the Afghans from the eight military bases housing them in the US at present and to resettle them around the country as “swiftly and safely” as that could possibly be done.

‘Unprecedented and historic’

He also revealed that a “small number” of the Afghan evacuees who fled from the Taliban and made it to the United States are unaccompanied children – and more of those are expected to arrive on American soil.

To handle them, the DHS is working with the Department of Health.

Fenton in turn sought to assure the public that the DHS has taken “every precaution” necessary to prevent an explosion of COVID-19 that could potentially be caused by the arrival of the evacuees.

Mayorkas described the evacuation of Americans, Westerners, and US-Afghan allies as “unprecedented and historic” – which is a far more accurate description of Biden’s blunders and catastrophe.

Mayorkas and the rest of his bunch are just pretending that if Biden hadn’t single-handedly caused the collapse of the Afghan government and the victory of the Taliban, there wouldn’t have been any need for any evacuation and resettlement in the first place.