Democrat President Joe Biden has been exposed as a liar – or as a severely demented person – as he wrongfully claimed to have visited the Tree of Life synagogue after a massacre committed there in 2018.

Not that there have been any doubts that Biden has lied as a politician as well as president – but this one just got officially admitted by his team at the White House.

The lie refers to an attack in October 2018 against the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which killed 11 and wounded 6 people.

Remembering things that never happened

The attack was perpetrated by a 46-year-old gunman named Robert Gregory Bowers, an anti-Semitic extremist, with an AR-15 rifle during a Saturday morning Shabbat service, and is the deadliest anti-Jewish attack in the US history.

Speaking to over a thousand Jewish leaders in a virtual event on Thursday to celebrate the Jewish High Holidays, Joe Biden claimed that he had visited the synagogue after the bloody mass murder.

“I remember spending time at the…” Biden said, stuttering, and added, “you know, going to the… you know” – before it hit him – “the Tree of Life Synagogue.”

However, that was never the case – Biden has never been to the synagogue in question.

So he either clearly shamelessly lie – or has just had another very “senior moment” in which he is remembering things that never happened.

Instead, what happened was that Biden just made a call to the cell phone of the synagogue rabbi, and only did that in 2019, about a year after the massacre.

The White House admitted in a statement made to The New York Post on Friday that what Biden said was “referring to a call” that he “had with the Tree of Life rabbi in 2019.”

It can’t be easy for Biden’s leftist gang in the White House to cover for these lies and/or dementia-inspired claims.

Biden called ‘kindly’ nearly a year later

The White House statement came after the leaders of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg revealed to the Post that Joe Biden materialized in person at their temple after the horrifying anti-Semitic shooting spree.

“No”, Biden never visited the temple, its executive director Barb Feige told the newspaper, while the synagogue rabbi, Hazzan Jeffrey Myers, revealed that the future president called him almost a year after the attack on his cell phone.

Myers said “Biden kindly called” him after he had testified before the US Congress in July 2019; at the time of the call, the rabbi remembered he was awaiting a flight to Pittsburgh in Dulles Airport in Washington, DC.

The rabbi added that he really appreciated the conversation and the support Biden offered to the Jewish community over the massacre, and in general.

Yet, he made it clear that Biden never went in person to the attacked synagogue, and only called nearly a year later.

In the meantime, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited the site and honored the memory of the victims three days after the bloody anti-Semitic attack.

Whether Biden is a pathological liar – or his evident dementia is getting so bad that he says he recalls things he’s never done – big trouble seems to lie ahead for America while he still occupies the White House.