Sleepy Joe Biden has botched the evacuation of Americans and US allies from Afghanistan so bad that even senior members of his own Democratic Party have been appalled at how American citizens, as well as Afghan US allies, have been abandoned to remain under the tyranny of the radical Islamist murderers that are the Taliban.

While nearly 123,000 people got airlifted, including about 5,500 US citizens, the botched and failed evacuation has left behind some 200-250 Americans, according to estimates of the Department of State.

Besides, a report by Reuters recently cited anonymous State Department officials as estimating that the vast majority of Afghans who worked for the US in the past 20 years have been left to the mercy of the Taliban.

Of course, focusing on the evacuation itself missed the fact that it was all caused by Joe Biden with his utterly failed plan for the withdrawal of American forces, which led to the collapse of the Afghan government and the complete takeover of the country by the Taliban, the group that housed al-Qaeda there prior to 9/11, and which the US fought for 20 years.

Yet, the very fact that Americans got left behind in Afghanistan as Biden pulled out all forces the evening of August 30, even a day ahead of schedule, so as not to anger the Taliban, appears to have alarmed so much even senior Democrats.

Democrat lawmakers have felt the need to tell clueless Blinken what to do and how to do it

Thus, on Friday a total of 32 Democrat members of the US House of Representatives sent to Biden’s pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken a letter calling for the safe extraction of all remaining US citizens and US allies from Afghanistan.

According to various estimates, thousands of Americans and Afghans are still seeking evacuation, with the Afghans in question including the holders of US Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs).

In their letter, the Democrat US Congress lawmakers put forth several recommendations for the generally clueless Blinken.

Those include the immediate evacuation of those seeking evacuation, the setting up of various channels of communications to reach them, designating a special official to handle the “next phase” of evacuations from Afghanistan, and the expediting of the processing of visa holders.

The Democrat lawmakers state that the time for a thorough assessment of the “20-year conflict” will be later – even though the assessment of its catastrophic ending is pretty obvious and self-explanatory – they insist that at present completing the evacuation all who seek to escape the rule of the Taliban and are eligible to do so must be the immediate priority for the US government.

Blaming it on Trump – but of course

On Friday, Blinken – of course – blamed the administration of President Donald Trump for the fact that Afghan US allies remain in Taliban rule because of the accumulated SIV backlog.

He argued that the SIV program was “in a dead stall” when he acquired it.

Of course, he and Biden precipitated the utter collapse of Afghanistan without even caring to arrange for the exit of Americans, not to mention the US-allied Afghans.

And even the Democrat lawmakers in the US Congress have been alarmed by the abject failure of the evacuation.