The new abortion law of the state of Texas which bans the scraping off of unborn children from their mothers’ wombs past the 6th week of pregnancy has infuriated the liberal leftists who believe it is just dandy to murder babies even before they get the chance to see the light of this world.

As the liberal leftist Marxists have been seeking to turn women into nothing else but foot soldier commodities in their war on freedom, democracy, and morals, they have been advancing the wrong “argument” that abortion is all about women’s “bodies”, as though an unborn child is some kind of a body organ, and not a different person in the making.

As its new law has been allowed to stand by the US Supreme Court, the state of Texas has achieved the biggest rollback of the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling which has been used to allow the unbridled abortions of unborn children across America ever since.

Not just that – there are those extremists among them who are using the adoption of the new abortion law by the state of Texas in order to advocate the ripping apart of the great American nation.

A case in hand is an outrageous demand by Ted Wheeler, the infamous leftist radical mayor of the city of Portland, Oregon who wants to ban all “imports” from Texas because of the abortion law.

There are so many things wrong with that, that it’s hard to select where to begin

Starting maybe with the fact that America is a single nation with a single market – and there are no “imports” to ban within it – so nothing gives the likes of Wheeler to treat other parts of the country as though they are North Korea, or Syria or other rogue states, so as to impose “sanctions” on them – simply because they disagree with them ideologically.

It is unfathomable for any decent human being, not to mention a true American patriot, how a mayor somewhere would consider himself entitled to punish a whole different state for its legitimate adoption of new legislation.

But the far-left Marxists-Communists see that completely in order.

They view their ideological and political opponents as subhuman, and that’s that.

So “banning” “imports” is the least they can do.

Those are precisely the types who manned concentration camps in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union: they recognize only one single truth in this world – their own truth.

And top it all off, their own “truth” is typically completely factually and morally wrong.

Thus, the mayor of Portland, Oregon, Ted Wheeler is proposing an emergency resolution to ban in the city all goods and services stemming from the Lone Star state.

The city council is expected to vote on that on September 8, and if it happens to endorse it, “sanctions” against the state of Texas will continue until the abortion law is somehow rescinded, either by the state itself or by overturning it in court.

Portland slapping ‘sanctions’ on Texas !?

That seems likely, as the Portland City Council has put out a statement blurting out incoherent defense of abortion stating “people” – which the rest of us who have basic decency and common sense know happen to be “women”, as women are the only group of the population that can get pregnant and only at a certain age – have different circumstances and the “right to make their own decisions, etc.

The city of Portland is also going to stop sending its employees on business trips to Texas – maybe for fear that in Texas those will be kidnapped and kept from having an abortion?!

Wheeler and other city officials from Portland have said they believe in women’s right to “control their own bodies” and “make choices they deem best.”

Of course, that doesn’t pertain to the unborn children that get killed off and surgically scraped out of their mothers’ wombs.

The fact of the matter is that the Portland mayor and his likes don’t care about women’s health, rights, bodies, etc. For the radicalizing Marxists, it’s all about their agenda bringing them to totalitarian power, through whatever means, including terrorist harassment of the public – or ripping the United States apart, if need be.