Much older' Afghan male evacuees have brought their child sex slaves to America!

When Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden so recklessly set off to make a horrible mess out of Afghanistan by pulling US troops out in the worst way possible – unless he made it on purpose – his senile mind hardly imagined even the fractions of the complications for America that this would cause.

Raped child brides brought America. Thank you, Joe!

It will be long before it gets clarified – if it ever does – who actually got out of Afghanistan in the frantic, botched evacuation watched by the entire world in dismay last month – or who was supposed to get out and didn’t, or who wasn’t supposed to get out and did.

Or how many Americans and evacuation-eligible Afghan US allies were left under the medieval tyranny of the Taliban.

A brand-new issue, however, has popped up, which would have previously stretched the limits of imagination.

Apparently, a bunch of “much older men” who were evacuated from Afghanistan and made it all the way to US soil came in packages with much younger girls they describe as their wives.

The common term in such as is “child brides” since those are under 18 years of age.

The problem is that in the United States of America and any civilized country for that matter this is sexual exploitation and human trafficking crime.

And what’s even more problematic – and shocking – is that some of the girls claimed they were raped and forced to marry the men in question in order to get out of Afghanistan.

Reports say that US officials at Afghan refugee intake centers in the United Arab Emirates but also in Wisconsin are dealing with “numerous” cases of young Afghan girls presented as much older men’s wives.

In a medieval-minded, backward country such as Afghanistan, child marriage remains common even after two decades of American involvement there.

Seeking guidance after being at a loss as to what to do with this

Because of the conundrum, however, of saving supposedly pro-US Afghans escaping from the Taliban – and then finding out they are technically human traffickers of underage sexually exploited girls, US officials on the spot have been at a loss as to what steps to undertake.

According to a report of the Associated Press, which cites an internal State Department document, the department is presenting seeking “urgent guidance” from other government agencies as child brides ended up in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.

According to another internal document whose contents was revealed to the AP by sources, Afghan girls presently in the UAE transit site in Abu Dhabi have claimed that they were forced to marry the older men in order to be able to escape from Afghanistan but were raped by them.

The State Department hasn’t officially commented on the reports and the reported content of the internal documents.

Cases of polygamous families – which are okay under Islam, just not under the laws of civilized countries – have also been found among the Afghan evacuees at Fort McCoy.

It appears that for the time being the respective US government institutions have no idea how to tackle and resolve the highly problematic cases.

And despite it’s being an abomination and a potentially severe crime, that’s just one of the lesser troubles that Biden has gotten the United States into with the Afghanistan apocalypse that he caused.

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