While vaccines against COVID-19 might work and might be a great idea, there are many American citizens who have made the decision to keep them away from their bodies – and yet the government under the Biden administration is slapping greater and greater restrictions based on vaccination status.

These infringements upon the basic liberty and freedoms of American citizens are dangerously gaining traction and are vehemently promoted by liberal leftist radicals who seem to have a stronger and stronger grip over the administration of Sleepy Joe Biden.

Yet, the most appalling of the restrictions for which an unvaccinated person’s vaccination status could be abused appears to be in courts where judges are starting to decree the stripping of custody for parents who haven’t had a COVID-19 shot.

Don’t have a vaccine? Then you’re not a mother anymore

Last week, there was the first report of its kind, in which a judge in Chicago decreed that a mother temporarily lose custody of her son after she refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

After the story received greater and greater public attention, earlier this week, Judge James Shapiro of Cook County, Illinois, reversed his decision.

The mother, Rebecca Firlit, has told Fox 28 Chicago that what the judge did was “placing his views on me” – and “taking my son away” as a result.

At first, Shapiro revoked her parenting time entirely until she agreed to receive a vaccine.

Firlit, who shares custody of the kid with her former husband, has been divorced for seven years.

The poor woman has said she refuses to get the vaccine because she has previously had adverse reactions to vaccines.

Evidently, that doesn’t matter but at all to a vaccination extremist such as the judge in question – so much so that he didn’t even blink to wrestle a kid out of his mother’s arms.

What is even worse, however, according to a Fox News report, at least some attorneys of family law say that if such issues are raised in court, and the child involved is immunocompromised, the judge may order the respective parent to get a vaccine against COVID-19.

Yet, they emphasize that there are important conditions to be met for that kind of ruling to have some fairness attached to it.

The judge just went ahead and denied the mother due process

The report cites family lawyer Joryn Jenkins from Florida, who stresses that if the child has pre-existing conditions endangering his or her life in the event of a severe COVID infection, a judge may require vaccinations.

Jenkins cautions, however, that Chicago judge Shapiro was a “maverick” – meaning maybe an extremist – because the subject of the vaccinations was never brought before the court – by Firlit or her husband.

The judge simply decided to throw that in there – so if that’s not judicial arbitrariness based on the judge’s personal beliefs, then nothing is.

Jenkins went further and called that a denial of “due process” to the mother, which presents “a deep constitutional issue.”

Another of the approached lawyers, Morghan Richardson, from a firm called Davidoff Hutcher & Citron, stressed the fact that the mother, Firlit, made it clear she had adverse reactions to vaccines, meaning a medical reason not to get a COVID-19 shot.

Another family lawyer, John L. Collar from Atlanta, is quoted as saying he deems it unlikely for a judge to order parents to get COVID-19 vaccines.

Collar described that as “unconstitutional, truthfully.”

That might seem to be the case – but who is going to protect regular Americans from the arbitrariness of vaccine extremist judges, as in the case of the Chicago mother?

With the Biden administration giving everybody the pretext to persecute those who don’t agree unconditionally with the vaccination drive, the potential for abuses is ample and they are already happening.