Over the recent years, CNN has been digging deeper and deeper down the hole of liberal leftist and Marxist propaganda – and its abysmally collapsing viewership numbers have been clearly indicative of that.

Not even liberal leftist stooges in the United States are watching the crapper that CNN has become – all the more so during the liberal leftist presidency of Joe Biden which has made wokeism and transgenderism, the top Marxism brands in today’s America, into official policies of the US government.

Acosta’s latest propaganda manure spewing

Against that backdrop, Fox News and especially some of its shows, most notably “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, the most-watched political talk show in the United States, keep standing out.

And the main reason for that is precisely exposing the excesses of Marxism, wokeism, and transgenderism in today’s America, and debunking the respective propaganda spewed out on a daily basis by the likes of CNN, The New York Times, NBC News, The Washington Post, you name it.

Partly because of that – but not only – top-rated Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson is increasingly becoming a primary target for insults and mudslinging on part of the liberal leftist media establishment.

In the latest such attack, an extremely repugnant act by a person claiming to be a “journalist”, and who actually is nothing more than a propagandist, CNN anchor Jim Acosta called Carlson a “human manure spreader.”

Acosta, who can only dream of Carlson’s viewership numbers, has thus brought CNN to a new low, a level that’s shocking even for its utterly biased, Marxist propaganda-ridden coverage.

The specific pretext that Acosta used in order to try to insult Tucker Carlson by calling him a “human manure spreader” was the latter’s legitimate concern over the resettlement of tens of thousands of Afghans in the United States – after Democrat President Joe Biden so horrifying screwed up America in Afghanistan with his disastrous withdrawal and evacuation.

You’re not allowed to voice that truthful concern

Carlson mentioned a well-known fact – which is also at play with Biden and the Democrats decision to essentially erase the US-Mexican border from the map so that millions and millions of Third World people can settle in the United States, where they will be easily susceptible to perfidious Democratic manipulation and swell the ranks of Democrat party voters.

And with the Democrats claiming all people of color as their feudal electoral property, that is supposed to keep the Democratic Party permanently in power, which they would use to establish a far-left, communist-Maoist totalitarian dictatorship.

Of course, CNN and the other Marxist media stooges can’t allow anybody to voice such concerns – which aren’t just legitimate but painfully truthful – hence Jim Acosta’s miserable, disgusting insulting of Tucker Carlson.

Apart from calling Carson a human manure spreader, Acosta called his deliberations a “race-baiting conspiracy” – whatever the hell that means.

Actually, it is pretty clear what it means: that is the kind of approach the Democrats and their more radical wings have been used to substitute race and gender for class in their renewed Marxism class struggle.

Acosta, who is more repugnant than a presenter on Soviet Union’s only television channel back in the days, has previously called Carlson and “Fox’s Ayatollah of paranoia” and “chief white power correspondent.”

As CNN Marxism star Acosta has now started spewing outright manure out of his mouth, expect his outlet’s propaganda to become even more rabid.