The horrendous mess that Joe Biden caused single-handedly in Afghanistan when he pulled out the US troops, the Afghan government disintegrated, and the Taliban took over has caused all kinds of grave problems of various scale for the United States.

The urgent need to evacuate tens of thousands of people from Afghanistan was just most immediate problem.

Sure, it was a horrible one and got 13 US troops killed – actually it was Biden directly who got them killed!

Now, the fallout, not just the various kinds of fallout from Biden’s Afghanistan disaster but also the more specific kind – from the actual evacuation and the resettlement of about 50,000 Afghans, presumably pro-American and US allies, promises to hold all kinds of long-term risks.

For one thing, nobody knows whether radical Islamist terrorists didn’t sneak into the US with the refugee crowd – despite all the claims of the clueless and pathetic Biden administration that everybody is being thoroughly vetted.

For another, nobody knows if the pro-American refugees, once they’ve arrived in the US, experienced a culture shock, and maybe gotten disillusioned, won’t turn to radical Islamism and start murdering Americans and blowing up public venues.

Hopes are that they would become good American citizens, those who get to be naturalized but who can say what’s in stock?

And it all starts with small things. Such as complaining about what you have after you’ve been saved from rape, slaughter, or worse in the hands of radical Islamists.

Refugee being a complaining wise***

One Afghan refugee, in particular, has riled up Americans after demonstrating on social media that he in particular could be a nasty ingrate.

Hamed Ahmadi, a 28-year-old translator, currently housed at Fort Bliss in Texas, took to Twitter at the end of last week complaining about the free food he was getting.

The photo he posts showed his dinner consisting of some chicken, some bread, and some fruit.

Ahmadi wrote in the caption that he was “not complaining but”… He said that’s what he received for dinner the previous night, with the following meal being 12 hours later.

He then “wisely” concluded that even though “refugee life might be safe” it is “never easy and favorable.”

Ahmadi had fewer than 2,000 followers on his Twitter profile but his being a “wise***” went viral, and he got thousands and thousands of replies, many of which set the capricious Afghan translator straight.

One US military veteran responded that the meal in question seemed better than anything he ate while on tour in Afghanistan for 18 months fighting the radical Islamists that Ahmadi escaped from – or was saved from by the US military in the evacuation.

Journalist Jon Nicosia commented that the ungrateful post must be how one says, “thank you” for being rescued and getting free food.

There are others who rightfully told Ahmadi to go back to Afghanistan if he wasn’t happy with what he was getting at Fort Bliss.

The Afghan translator elaborated on his ungratefulness later in an interview with a UK-based paper The Independent.

He claimed he wasn’t complaining about American hospitality but supposedly sought to demonstrate that Afghan refugees had ended up in a situation they “never wanted to be in.”

This leads to the thought that maybe they should have fought the Taliban harder in order to rescue their own country instead of leaving all the heavy lifting to American troops.

He told of the good life he had in Kabul, and that he was “forced to leave Afghanistan.”

Ahmadi alleged he wanted to show “refugee life” and that the Afghan refugees “need to be patient.”

Prior to that, on Twitter, he had shared that his mother urged him to flee after she lost a son in “a pointless war” and “a daughter to COVID.”

Where is the library?!

Personal tragedies aside, a refugee doesn’t even need to show gratitude for his or her rescue.

They just need not to show ungratefulness.

Previously, an Afghan woman also housed at Fort Bliss compared on social media that “there is nothing here” such as a library or a place “for kids to play” – and that the refugees “just eat and sleep inside.”

Clearly what is happening is that people who may have been slaughtered brutally by the Taliban are impudently making complaints and having requirements when they have no right to at the present stage.

This really might make the American public wonder whether it was a good idea to bring over all those Afghans.

Not the Biden administration, though: the radicalizing Democrats wish to have as many Third World people resettled in America as possible so they can manipulate them and claim them as their eternal voters.