After Sleepy Joe Biden created the greatest foreign and security policy disaster for the United States in recent history by surrendering Afghanistan to the radical Islamist murderous Taliban, causing tens of thousands of Afghans to want to escape their own country, now it’s time for the American taxpayers to foot the bill.

Nearly $2,300 per person in the first few months

Officials from the radicalizing, leftist pro-Third World immigration Biden administration have made it clear that the United States is going to take in about 50,000 Afghan refugees and will spend about $2,275 per person to resettle them around America – which makes a total of almost $114 million.

All the Afghans that have or will make it to US soil are presumably US allies who worked for American troops, companies, or NGOs in the past 20 years.

Notably, though, the 50,000 people in question are only a fraction of their total number.

A State Department official recently told Reuters on the condition of anonymity that the vast majority of the US allies didn’t make it out of the country and have been left to the mercy of the Taliban.

A total of nearly 123,000 people were evacuated in the emergency evacuation caused by Biden’s ruthless and completely mismanaged withdrawal, including about 5,500 US citizens, other foreign nationals, and Afghan Western allies.

The $2,275 per person for the resettlement of the Afghan refugees inside the United States will be spent on expenses such as food, housing, and school for the children.

An official of the State Department has told Bloomberg that the some $114 million in question needed for the purpose have already been set aside; the money, which comes from the taxpayer dollars, is going to be spent during the next few months.

Besides that, however, the official revealed the State Department led by Biden’s pathetic aide Antony Blinken is working with the US Congress to explore the possibility that the Afghan asylum seekers could be granted access to Medicaid and other federal benefit programs, which are typically reserved for American citizens and permanent residents.

On Friday, Biden’s no less pathetic Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, said no fewer than 50,000 Afghans evacuated to escape from the Taliban will be resettled in the US.

Several days earlier, he said about 40,000 Afghans have already made it to American soil.

The group includes persons of diverse status: Afghans who are American citizens or permanent residents (Green Card holders), visa holders or applicants for SIVs (Special Immigrant Visas) as well as other Afghans judged to have been at risk under the Biden-imposed rule of the Taliban such as aid workers and journalists.

A rather wide-ranging and costly effort which didn’t even have to happen in the first place

The process to resettle the Afghans in question in the US has been codenamed “Operation Allies Welcome” and is led by Jack Markell, a former governor of Delaware.

The program is rather massive as it provides for collaboration with the National Security Council, the Department of Homeland Security, the Domestic Policy Council as well as other federal agencies.

Besides those, however, some 200 private agencies have also been included in the program to help accelerate the resettlement of eligible Afghans.

Many of the tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees have or are going to make it to US soil after they are granted entry on an emergency basis, under humanitarian parole.

After they are already in the US, those would have a year in order to apply for a permanent visa allowing them to stay in the country.

The Bloomberg report also cites a resettlement program director who has revealed that there are plans to provide those evacuees with health insurance funded by the federal government, i.e. the US taxpayer – and that is supposed to become a fact by the end of September.

It is good that the US government is taking the necessary measures to take care of those Afghans who supported the United States during the 20-year war against al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

The problem is that none of that had to happen in the first place: the Afghan government didn’t need to collapse, the murderous Taliban didn’t have to take over, and tens of thousands of Afghans, probably the most enlightened part of the Afghan population, didn’t need to have to run away from their country.

All of that is on Joe Biden.

Except for the resettlement bill, which is initially estimated at $114 million – and which is of course on the American taxpayers to foot.