Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, has been instrumental in supporting and implementing Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden’s apocalyptic withdrawal of the US troops of Afghanistan.

The incompetently handled pullout destroyed America’s credibility with its allies and enemies, led to the collapse of the Afghan government, brought the murderous Islamist Taliban to power, and necessitated a horrendous, botched evacuation with many US citizens and US allies left behind.

And now, in utterly bizarre development, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley has gone on camera and forecast all kinds of mayhem in Afghanistan, including a potentially growing terrorist threat for the United States.

One can’t help but bang one’s head against the wall: since Milley is able to forecast all of that now, and knowing what he knows with all of his expertise and in his position, why did he support Biden’s disastrous withdrawal – and just how much of the responsibility for the fiasco should he bear alongside with the Democrat President, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and State Secretary Antony Blinken?!

Why on earth would a top-ranking American military commander such as Milley support such actions in Afghanistan when he could clearly assess the consequences as he seems to have done now.

The question remains without an answer for the time being – but Milley’s forecast is worth reporting.

Broad civil war and a resurgence of terrorism

In an interview for Fox News on Saturday made in the US military base Rammstein in Germany, Milley was asked if the United States has become safer now that it has withdrawn completely from Afghanistan.

The question seems highly rhetorical considering the already evident catastrophic ramifications – and, yet, Milley gave an initial answer as a politician before revealing the true answer as a military and security expert.

He first responded with the neither-here-nor-there comment that it is “too soon” to tell but then added that his “military estimate” is that the “conditions” on the ground are “likely to develop” into a civil war.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said he couldn’t tell whether the Taliban would be able to “consolidate” their power as well as to “establish governance.”

At present, only one small part of Afghanistan, the Panjshir Valley, with a population of about 200,000, is resisting the Taliban rule.

Milley, however, then went into the more dreadful part of his forecast, at least as far as the national security of the United States and the American people is concerned.

He said he believes there to exist “at least a very good probability” – first, of “a broader civil war,” and then of “a reconstruction of al-Qaeda” or possibly “a growth of ISIS” – or of some of the “other myriad of terrorist groups.”

Milley added that the US government is going to “monitor that” as a “resurgence of terrorism” could come out of “that general region” over the course of the next “12, 24, 36 months.”

Intelligence gathering will be very hard now

Even more perplexingly, the top general added that the maintenance of US security and intelligence gathering in and around Afghanistan would be substantially harder now that not a single US soldier has been left in the country as per the will of Sleepy Joe.

Because of that, Milley said that the United States will need to rebuild “some human intelligence networks.”

That would have to be combined with “strike operations” in case of threats to the United States.

Milley’s forecast of potentially heightened terrorism and security threats for America coming out of Afghanistan is truly bizarre considering his active involvement in the implementation of Biden’s disastrous withdrawal.

His opinion now bodes badly for America.

As the repercussions from the pullout keep befalling our nation, many questions will await their answers about why and how exactly we ended up here after fighting in Afghanistan for two decades.