The supposed “leader” of the Free World, the Democrat president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, has been exhibiting more and more signs of senility and likely dementia, with a growing number of utterly embarrassing “senior moments.”

None of that seems to matter to his Democratic Party, the members of his Cabinet, and his staffers at the White House: they will be propping up the evidently ailing gerontocrat, literally if they have to, for a long as they can because his holding of the presidential post is keeping them in power.

Biden has been falling while climbing stairs, losing his thought, slurring words, confusing the hell out of pretty much every topic he has been supposed to be speaking on, refusing to take questions from reporters, and walking around with flashcards and “cheat sheets.”

However, it is getting even worse on that front: as he went to the state of Louisiana on Friday to pledge federal government support for those residents of the state who have been hit hard by Hurricane Ida, Biden brought with him a massive “cheat sheet”, whose partially filmed contents showed that he doesn’t even know or can’t remember the name of the mayor of the city of New Orleans.

Sleepy Joe doesn’t know who the mayor of New Orleans is

What is more, though, the cheat sheet featured not just talking points and the names but also photos of the local officials so that Sleepy Joe could supposedly recognize them.

As Biden visited damaged areas located in LaPlace and Reserve, Louisiana, he pledged adequate federal aid to those affected, promising the US government’s “got your back.”

Of course, one can’t help but wonder how he can be trusted on any pledges when he can’t even remember the names of the local officials.

Biden could be seen carrying his cheat sheet in his back pocket, with the photographs allowing to make out the names of LaToya Cantrell, the mayor of New Orleans, as well as Cynthia Lee Sheng, president of Jefferson Parish, The New York Post reported.

The photos with Biden’s notes in his back pocket were taken in New Orleans on the tarmac as he was met by John Bel Edwards, Louisiana’s Democrat governor, plus US Senators John Kennedy (R-LA) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA).

Because of that Lisa Boothe, a Fox News contributor said that Sleepy Joe clearly isn’t “operating on full cylinders” and that he should be “in retirement instead of leading a country.”

Trump doesn’t need cheat sheets

President Donald Trump’s former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in turn that Trump never has to use a “cheat sheet.”

Even though his staff would give him “a pocket card” on the plane as he was traveling, he would just leave it there.

Biden has already been seen a number of times with flashcards but about really simple things such as the fact that China spends three times as much as the US on infrastructure, or having the names and photos of the reporters present.

The problem with flashcards and cheat sheets in Biden apparently condition is that they don’t help at all during his frequent “senior moments” – and he governs the most powerful country in the world even if due to his actions we are losing this status by the minute.