VIDEO: `F**k Joe Biden' becomes the favorite chant at many stadiums during games of the NCAA Division I Football

Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has managed to wreak havoc on America in just seven months since he occupied the White House.

Biden’s many and enormous screw-ups in just 7 months

His “accomplishments” range from a failure to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, to robbing Americans of their free will and civic liberties with countless mask and vaccine mandates, the spiking inflation, saddling the American taxpayer with mountains of debt with trillions and trillions of dollars of communist state spending, the unabashed promotion of wokeism and transgenderism to the detriment of even the most basic American and human values, allowing Antifa and other far-left Nazis to terrorize American cities, the complete opening of the US-Mexican border so that millions of Third World people can settle wherever they wish, and, last but not least, the unbelievable catastrophe in Afghanistan that Biden and his pathetic team caused strengthening and empowering America’s enemies – from radical Islamists to the likes of China, Russia, and Iran, to most radical leftist extremists back home.

And all of that has been caused by a clique whose frontman is a seemingly senile and likely demented 78-year-old who can barely stand on his two feet, slurs words all the time, and can hardly get through a few minutes of speech without losing his thought.

That is, of course, nothing to mock him about.

Or it would have been nothing to mock him if he wasn’t insisting on continuing to act as president of the United States.

What makes America’s Biden-liberal-leftist-Democrats conundrum even worse, however, is that Biden’s potential replacement is his equally repugnant veep Kamala Harris, a nastily chuckling good-for-nothing wokeist and feminist who has only excelled at completely avoiding responsibility.

It is little wonder that, regardless of how Joe Biden got in the White House in the first place, largely riding on a wave of discontent over the COVID-19 pandemic caused by communist China, his public approval is plummeting even according to polls ordered by the rabid liberal leftist mainstream media.

It is very little wonder that regular, hard-working, patriotic Americans – who were mostly aware in the first place that Biden is no good as a politician let alone a president – are growing more and more outraged over his administration’s constant and exacerbating failures by the day.

Just ‘F**k Joe Biden!’

The frustration and outrage seem to be reaching a boiling point as tens of thousands are now expressing their contempt for the senile old man in the White House at entirely non-political mass public gatherings – such as the first games of the new season of the NCAA Division I Football.

Tens of thousands of enthused football fans can be heard and seen on video chanting “Fk Joe Biden! Fk Joe Biden!” on the stadiums in the first games of the season.

Video footage shared on social media shows fans at the 21,000-seat Brooks Stadium attending the season’s first game the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers eagerly chanting “F**k Joe Biden!”

The same nasty but well-deserved chant has been caught on video at the Lane Stadium of the Virginia Tech Hokies, which is even larger.

What’s more, at the Virginia Tech game, players and fans even celebrated the start of the new football season by playing “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, seemingly in dedication to Sleepy Joe.

The chants bashing Joe Biden might be interpreted as being directed mostly at the horrendous COVID-19 restrictions in which the pandemic has been used by local, state, and federal government to crack down on the rights and freedoms of American citizens.

However, the “F**k Joe Biden” message has likely been inspired by everything mentioned above, all of his messes, and so much more.

Because the sad fact of the matter is that Americans have a lot over which to be enraged at the Biden administration and the Democratic Party – and the causes for outrage are rapidly growing in scope and numbers!

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