VIDEO: Trump exposes Biden with new ad named `Failure' - and it's as gut-wrenching to watch as it is truthful

President Donald Trump’s “Save America” PAC has released a new ad exposing Joe Biden’s all-out fiasco in Afghanistan, with Fox News commenting that it might be the first advertisement of the former’s 2024 presidential campaign.

The new ad is aptly named “Failure”, and it paints a very gut-wrenching, painful-to-watch, and completely truthful picture of the catastrophe that Sleepy Joe Biden caused in Afghanistan for the United States and America’s allies.

he Failure

The minute-long “Failure” ad features horrifying images of Afghans running from the Taliban to Kabul airport, terrified children crying, and a number of moments from Biden’s recent appearances such as his false promise that the US troops would stay in Afghanistan until every last US citizen is evacuated, his leaving as he refuses to take reporters’ questions, his checking his watch at the ceremony for honoring the 13 slain US troops, whose death was caused by him.

That is all garnished with the moment of his falling down as he was climbing the stairs of Air Force 1 earlier this year and with Kamala Harris’ disgusting chuckle.

Apart from reporters and experts’ voices on the failure, there is an Afghan man seen and heard who tells Biden that he “did this.”

The “Failure” ad comes in the heels of another recent and no less efficient ad released by Trump’s Save America PAC, which was entitled “Surrenderer-in-Chief.”

The Save America PAC is already fundraising off the new commercial, with a new fundraising email sent out about it this weekend reading, that “we told you” that Joe Biden wasn’t “up to the job”, and emphasizing that the United States is now witnessing “the devastating consequences” from “his incompetence.”

The email also states that “this” – the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the botched evacuation, and everything surrounding or stemming from them – “is Biden’s failure and his alone.”

Americans will care about the Afghanistan issue for a long time

A source close to Trump is cited by Fox News as saying that the disaster in Afghanistan caused by Biden is “an issue” about which “Americans will care for a long time.”

The Biden administration has perplexingly been trying to blame its catastrophe in Afghanistan on its predecessors from the Trump administration as it had made a conditional agreement with the Taliban for a withdrawal of the US military.

The agreement, however, was not binding, and Joe Biden was completely free to change any policy he wanted – as he did when he rescinded all sorts of Trump-era policies that were of critical importance for the American people – such as the construction of the wall on the US-Mexican border to keep out millions of illegal immigrants.

President Donald Trump has been hinting repeatedly that he is going to run for president once again in 2024 – but he hasn’t made it official yet.

There have been comments, including by his close ally, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, that he is going to do so shortly.

Fox News has commented that “if he follows through” on his hints, the commercial about Joe Biden’s “Failure” in Afghanistan could become the first ad of the new presidential campaign.

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