The 2020 elections demonstrated that the Democrats utilized various forms of election manipulation – and while its precise impact might be a matter of debate, it seems certain that many leftists, as their Marxist ideology dictates them, wouldn’t hesitate to employ any means in order to secure and if possible perpetuate their clinging on to power.

That is why so many Republican-led states rushed to adopt new election integrity legislation – just to guarantee the safety and security of the votes cast by American citizens, especially considering the fact that many of the measures supposed introduce for their convenience in recent years – such as the highly controversial absentee voting – have created massive opportunities for voter fraud and other crimes.

Easier to vote, harder to cheat

The state of Texas led by its GOP Governor Greg Abbott has been at the forefront in the state-level efforts to prevent future election manipulations – and its embattled election overhaul bill finally became a law on Tuesday after Abbott signed it.

His signature puts a successful end to several months’ worth of efforts on part of the Texas state Republican legislators, as the local Democrats, who are the minority in both houses of the state legislation, attempted all means at their disposal to sabotage the electoral security law.

In July, most of the Texas House members from the Democratic Party even fled to Washington, DC in a show of cowardice, in order to prevent the quorum in the chamber so that the Republicans cannot even vote on it – but eventually enough of them came back for the quorum to hold, and the law to be passed.

Eventually, the SB 1 bill was passed with 80-41 votes in the House and 19-13 votes in the Texas Senate, almost entirely along party lines.

Upon signing the bill, Abbott remarked that “election integrity” has now become the law in the state of Texas.

Before the signing ceremony in Tyler, Texas, the governor issued a statement praising the new legislation for “making it easier to vote” while also making it “harder to cheat.”

The Republicans celebrated the law for expanding the early voting hours in the state and thus making it easier to vote.

Drive-thru voting is out the window

The law’s hardly well-intentioned critics from the Democratic Party have complained that “overnight early voting” and drive-thru voting will be prohibited thus potentially reducing the early voting hours for some of the most populous parts of Texas, a critique which doesn’t really hold.

Nor does their accusation that it is designed to restrict the voters of the people of color.

While the leftists are keeping up their rabid push to stop the law and have now launched three lawsuits against it, Texas’ GOP governor made clear his conviction that the election integrity will survive the legal challenges.

The law in particular strengthens electoral security by stipulating an ID requirement for absentee voting.

What is more, it also stipulates a process to be used in order to correct information on mail-in ballots.

Other measures introduced by the new legislation provide for new regulations on the conduct of partisan poll watchers and voting helpers – so as to prevent manipulations of the voting process and the results.

The Texas election integrity law is a crucial victory not just for Republicans but for any American out there who believes in the absolute irreplaceability of America’s democratic system of government and who has an ironclad commitment to freedom and democracy.

Because, unfortunately, the leftists seem to have that kind of commitment to their subversion.