The abysmal Biden administration is in “no rush” to recognize the Taliban government of Afghanistan, pathetic White House press secretary Jen Psaki has announced – which appears to mean that Biden is serious about actually going ahead with the recognition of the radical Islamists and terrorism hosts that the United States spent 20 years fighting!

Such a step would come as a total and natural completion of Biden’s and the Democrats’ betrayal of America – which is precisely what the entire apocalypse with the military withdrawal and the insane evacuation has been thus far.

Hey, let’s first install the Taliban in power and then recognize them!

Yet, it simply isn’t this unbelievable anymore: the Sleepy Joe and his incompetent leftist gang of staffers and Cabinet members have proven themselves fully capable of treason and treachery and even seemingly enjoying committing them!

What else but treason and treachery have been the withdrawal from Afghanistan in such a way that the Afghan government would collapse completely, the Taliban would be allowed to reconquer the country entirely – and to arm themselves to the teeth with $85 billion worth of US-made top-notch weapons in the process.

This is the same group that is imposing medieval Islamist and jihadist rule, which hosted al-Qaeda and actively aided it in carrying out the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC, and which fought and killed American troops and citizens and American allies for the past 20 years!

Somehow senile Sleepy Joe Biden is oblivious of that.

And somehow, during the botched withdrawal and evacuation he became best buds with the Taliban – entrusting them with the security of Americans trying to escape their rule!

And watching out so as not to anger them thus ordering US troops to depart from Afghanistan one day ahead of schedule, with hundreds of American citizens left behind and before the proper completion of the evacuation.

There seem to be Taliban milestones now?!

Now Biden’s pathetic press secretary Jen Psaki has cheekily declared that the US isn’t rushing to recognize the Taliban – which means that Biden and his incompetent Secretary of State Antony Blinken would have recognized those murderous terrorists as the legitimate government of Afghanistan long ago – had it not been for the public outrage over the entire withdrawal fiasco.

Psaki even told reporters on Air Force One on Tuesday that the recognition will depend on the next moves of the Taliban – such as whether they would let American citizens – whom Biden abandoned – leave the country, and “how they treat women.”

The latter has quickly become painfully clear: they are treating them the medieval Islamist subhuman way – not that anybody with a little common sense has had any doubts about that.

Except for liberal leftist Marxists (feminists, transgenderists, wokeists) who defend women’s rights only as a means of harassing the good people of the United States of America and destroying the values and moral fabric of American society, not when they decide to commit all-out treason abroad, after the US has invested trillions of dollars and thousands of lives in fighting terror and making a difference.

They itch to complete the treason!

Psaki also told the reporters, as cited by Fox News, that she doesn’t have a timeline for the recognition of the Taliban.

She doesn’t need to, it’s pretty clear: as soon as domestic criticism of the Afghanistan apocalypse is let go by the American public, the radical leftists in the White House and the State Department will recognize the radical Islamists in Kabul, if nothing else, just for the sake of completing their treason.

Psaki’s comments come after on Monday Sleepy Joe Biden was awake long enough to say that recognizing the Taliban was “a long way off.”

Yet, that is an expression far more suitable of his entire Afghanistan policy, which has been a long way off from reason, logic, decency, dignity, honesty, morals, patriotism, strategic vision, and whatnot.

The very fact that the Biden administration is even considering recognizing the Taliban is beyond shocking – but then again, what could we expect from an administration that practically surrendered to them despite ruling the greatest military power on earth!?