Of all the elements and cogs of the dysfunctional Biden administration, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and has team are among those who are most conspicuously pathetic – with Sleepy “the President” Joe being of course in a league of pathetic all on his own.

As Biden caused the utter and unprecedented catastrophe for America and US allies with the pullout and then the evacuation from Afghanistan, Blinken has been active in constantly trying to exacerbate the situation.

He has ignored the emergency warnings from the US Embassy in Kabul, and has been deluding the American public, while trying to obscure the betrayal of leaving behind as many Americans and allies as could have possibly been left behind.

That is hardly a surprise since Blinken has been a close aide of Joe Biden for many years, and on foreign policy, a field in which he seems to have very little competence and an abundance of incompetence.

That’s been garnished with some impudence – as seems to be the case with the State Department team that he has put together.

Abandoning a mother and her three kids at Taliban’s gunpoint

To illustrate that, the State Department has just tried to take credit for the extraction and rescue from Afghanistan of an American mother and her three children carried out by a private team of military vets all on its own, after the family had been abandoned by Blinken’s institution.

The group of veterans led by Cory Mills used funding from private donors such as the Sentinel Foundation to get a woman named Mariam and her kids out of the hands of the Taliban, according to a report by Fox News citing multiple sources who have knowledge of the family’s evacuation from Afghanistan.

The team in question was told about the plight of Mariam’s family by Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) and spent several weeks working on the case.

Mills revealed that the State Department would urge the four Americans to go to Kabul airport for evacuation – except every single of the many times they tried, they were refused admission by the checkpoint guards of the Taliban with whom Biden and his Cabinet seemed to have become so cozy.

The last time Mariam and her kids attempted to enter the airport, she had a Taliban fight point a gun at her head and tell her to never come back.

Not long after that, Taliban militants started asking locals in Kabul about how to locate her, which led Mills’ team to rush in and take the family to a safehouse out of the city.

Their plan B for evacuation was to take Mariam and her kids on one of the six private charter flights in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif but those planes have never left – with some evacuation activists blaming the State Department for its failure to secure their potential landing in third countries.

Others have blamed that on the Taliban holding the plans for some kind of a ransom that they are seeking from the State Department.

Blatant half-yard lie

Eventually, the vet team led by Mills managed to evacuate the family by traveling overland into one of Afghanistan’s neighbors.

The country hasn’t been revealed so as not to jeopardize potential similar rescue operations in the future.

The evacuation mission succeeded, however, only in the last minutes, just before the Taliban closed the border checkpoint in question in order to prevent precisely the Americans from fleeing, Mills revealed.

Against the backdrop of all that toil, stress, and fear – with which they had nothing to do, on Monday, officials from Blinken’s State Department had the cheek to announce that the US “has facilitated the safe departure” of four Americans “by overland route” out of Afghanistan – a lie that was quickly taken up by the liberal leftist propaganda likes of CNN.

Mills described the rescue claims of the State Department as “absolute nonsense” since “they’re spinning this” and “trying to take 100% credit” even as the mother “under extreme stress” reached out many times to them “and got no help.”

The announcement with which Blinken’s bunch is trying to take credit for the rescue appears to be based on the fact that US diplomatic staff met the evacuees – the mother whose eldest child is 15 and whose youngest is 2 – after they had already been taken through the border into the country neighboring Afghanistan.

Mills said that his team carried the ball all the way to the 99.5-yard line – while the diplomatic staff did the last yard at best.

He emphasized that the State Department “did nothing to try to expedite this.”

The Biden administration failing and lying?

Who else isn’t surprised?